Ipchain Databse : Revolutionising The Protection Of Scientific Research Data

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency News, ICO

Using blockchain technology, IPCHAIN database is set to revolutionizes the protection of intellectual property (IP). The IPCHAIN databse has been developed for the needs of artists,inventors,scientists and companies seeking for close cooperation with leading stakeholders in Intellectual Property.

The IPCHAIN database replaces and/or complements traditional intellectual property strategies by offering proof of authorship via secure digital publication on the Blockchain ledger and protects your interests by safely sharing and transferring Intellectual Property. IPCHAIN claims to be the fastest, easiest, safest and cheapest way of establishing documented ownership of intellectual property including but not limited to inventions, original literary and artistic work, trade secrets, concepts and ideas.

Traditional defensive publication in peer-reviewed journals requires a great deal of time and additional work, and thus may pose a legitimate risk for researchers keen on quickly protecting their continued freedom to operate. Submitted articles take time to write, often take months to get published and are always at risk of being rejected by the journal. From the time of inception to the eventual publishing of the invention, there exists no protection for the scientist’s intellectual property; despite the fact that they may share that information with others. IPCHAIN Database directly addresses and effectively solves this problem.

IPCHAIN publications, on their own or used in conjunction with patents, copyrights and publications in scientific journals, will represent a new and valuable IP management tool, which offers a number of benefits for innovators of the academic, private or corporate domain as well as legal authorities.

By adhering to the standards and international classification guidelines set forth by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), IPCHAIN Database publications, which are considerably easier and faster to file, can be used as definitive proof in legal proceedings, and therefore qualify as prior art in the eyes of patent offices around the world. By using IPCHAIN Database, the scientist effectively prevents other parties from obtaining a patent on his or her invention, and can even defend existing patents by using ICPHAIN Database for the defensive publication of incremental innovations. In countries that use the so-called first-inventor-to-file system (FITF), such as the United States, the Russian Federation, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Australia and many others, the discloser can also profit from a grace period during which he or she may file a patent.

IPCHAIN Databse Offers New Ways To Protect Your Creative Assets

Artists may own the rights to their creative work (called copyrights) automatically, but the practical protection of their interests is becoming more and more difficult to safeguard. In today’s digital age, misappropriation and illegal use of intellectual property, plagiarism and piracy of other people’s work (including but not limited to film, music, art, pictures, 3D models and code), is a reality that has severe consequences for those relying on income from the sale or licensing of such creative content. This means that the need for an effective method, one which ensures the practical protection of copyrights by proving the innovator’s status as first creator of their work, is more important than ever. The lack of such mechanisms remains a major obstacle in the practical application of copyrights and has led to the inspiration for IPCHAIN Database (www.ipchaindatabase.com).

For the effective right to control the use of intellectual property (the practical application of copyrights) the artist will have to, in the course of eventual legal proceedings, prove his or her authorship and that he or she created the work in question prior to any other party. Legal experts know that witness statements and personal records (written documents, correspondence or information stored online and subsequently shared through social media platforms) will be insufficient to prove the author’s status or the date of their work, as this data cannot conclusively be proven not to have been tampered with. Additionally, publication in the form of exhibitions, fairs, and/or meetings might also fail to establish definitive proof in a court of law.

IPCHAIN Database on the other hand ensures indisputable proof of authorship as information stored on a Blockchain exists as a shared database hosted by potentially millions of computers. This guarantees that all stored information is publicly accessible and easily verifiable, without the risk of a centralized version of this information being hacked or otherwise corrupted. IPCHAIN Database thus offers the easiest and most secure way of establishing proof of authorship via online publication.

IPCHAIN Databse Alllows You To Safely Share And Transfer IP Rights

Researchers, artists and companies alike need to protect their intellectual property. This can become highly difficult if such information has to be shared prior to obtaining the corresponding IP rights. IPCHAIN Database has therefore developed a set of tools to make the sharing of sensitive information much easier and more secure.

IPCHAIN Database (www.ipchaindatabase.com) is based on decentralized Blockchain technology which represents an incorruptible digital ledger. By securely and privately storing confidential information on IPCHAIN Database, the innovator will be able to quickly select, adapt and use non-disclosure agreements (NDA) for the safe sharing of information. The other party will only be able to access this information upon signing the NDA, with proof of signature and the time-stamped document being permanently stored on the Blockchain. The NDA is a legally binding contract that outlines the information both parties wish to share, and serves as proof of the parties’ agreement to not disclose the non-public information. IPCHAIN Database will thus make the sharing of information faster, safer and easier and will support collaboration in scientific, artistic or business contexts.

IPCHAIN Database will further this system to also make the transfer of intellectual property faster and easier for both sellers and buyers. While the holder of rights to digital assets may have been difficult to prove in the past, IPCHAIN Database’s Blockchain technology means that sales contracts between parties will now be completely transparent and much easier to prove. In addition to the mere documentation of such transfers, IPCHAIN Database will also make certain that the actual transfer depends on the receipt of the stipulated price, thereby increasing the safety of both parties, and ensuring that innovators can monetize their work more effectively.

IPCHAIN Databse aims to Protect, Safely Share Or Transfer the following types of Intellectual Property:

  • Scientific Article,
  • Technical Disclosure,
  • Trade Secrets,
  • Foundational Patents,
  • Arts,
  • Music,
  • Photos,
  • Vidoes,
  • Literature,
  • Designs,
  • 3D Content,
  • Game Mechanics,
  • Product Design

For more information on better protecting your innovations please visit www.ipchaindatabase.com

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