Japan Seeks To Simplify Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting

by | Oct 20, 2018 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Cryptocurrency has an acrid relationship with taxation, especially when the world is still looking into ways to develop regulations for the. Worrying over the same the Japanese taxation policy committee observed debate on Wednesday, Oct. 17, to simplifying  cryptocurrency tax; as reported by local news outlet Sankei News.

The committee which advises the government on policy has highlighted the complex tax filing regime currently in place for Japanese citizens. They stated that the policies need adjustment the procedure to stimulate a more thorough reporting of cryptocurrency gains. The Sankei News quoted the organization as saying:

“The environment should be adjusted so that tax returns can be simplified.”

Japan intends to enhance and protect their economy via regulating cryptocurrency as they observe a significant local boom in the ecosystem.  While a complex set of rules regulate the taxation processes, the rules are stringent as well. The Sankei notes that the consumers are requisite to file tax return on any annual gains over 200,000 yen ($1780).

After examining the taxation reporting, the U.S. authorities has forewarned that the number of consumers who file crypto returns is minimal, and the number who do so correctly is even lesser.  The  U.S. since then has dedicatedly developed tools that aim to simply the tax returns for investors, specifically geared to the country’s tax authority the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Japan on the other hand lacks this system. The officials stated that the employing a simplified regime would allow easy calculation of cryptocurrency holdings where phenomena such as inheritance and donation tax are included. They added that the system should “be able to grasp the asset price appropriately.” 

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