Japan’s SBI Holdings Has New Plans For Cryptocurrency Exchange

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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SBI Holdings in Japan has constructed new plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange.The company has set a target launch date and is preparing to list major cryptocurrencies. The group’s CEO expects the new exchange to “be number one in the blink of an eye.”

The company had planned for SBI Virtual Currencies to launch “in the autumn of 2017 and at the latest the beginning of 2018,”

Coincheck’s hack lead to a lot of delays of further plans and the trouble with its capital and business alliance agreement with China’s Huobi Group. The company became severely apprehensive of launching any cryptocurrency exchange even though it had already received a license from the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) in September in 2017.

President and CEO Yoshitaka Kitao said

“When we do it, it will be number one in the blink of an eye so quickly, so even if a tremendous number of customers come, we can build a system that can bear [the workload].”

Now the cryptocurrency exchange business is all set to get launched in the summer where the company has set a target launch date and is now preparing to list major cryptocurrencies. The group’s CEO said that cryptocurrency exchange “is not a white label of other exchanges but a self-developed” one. SBI Virtual Currencies had limited its services service to only a few customers since January 30.

As for which cryptocurrencies will be supported when the full launch comes, Kitao said that “it is assumed to be major virtual currencies, [including] bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum (ETH), [and] ripple (XRP),.

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