KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Lists EdenChain (EDN) Cryptocurrency

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Cryptocurrency News, Press Release

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EdenChain (EDN) Gets Listed At KuCoin Blockchain Asset Platform

KuCoin, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges recently listed EDN, the native token of EdenChain.

Deposits are now possible with supported trading pairs including EDN/BTC and EDN/ETH. Any transaction such as buying, selling, and withdrawal can be done utilizing KuCoin’s Android and iOS app, or thru their official website at www.coin.com.

About EdenChain (EDN) Cryptocurrency

EdenChain is a blockchain technology based platform that empowers all the values to be capitalized and traded. The platform operates on what is called a Programmable Economy Platform technology and can capitalize and market all kinds of assets.

They envision a world where users can employ the blockchain smart contracts to capitalize on any and every tangible and intangible asset into currencies and trade openly without the interference of any representative.

EdenChain thinks that with the application of Programmable Economy, transaction costs can be reduced, profits shared among the community members, and a new exchange through the capitalization of foreign and domestic goods can be built.

What is EdenChain attempting to resolve?

The thriving implementation of Programmable Economy platform brings with itself two major problems—performance and non-secured connectivity. EdenChain concentrates on solving these technical problems by employing software and hardware that can raise the performance of the whole network and defend the blockchain against external hackers.

Since EdenChain can monetize all kinds of assets and execute secure, cost-efficient, and faster transactions, it can be adopted over various enterprises, such as IoT, Finance, Shared Economy, Games, ICO, etc.

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