Blockhain Technology in Andhra Pradesh

India’s seventh largest state, Andhra Pradesh, has signed a partnership with WISeKey, a cybersecurity company, in a bid to protect citizen data using Blockchain technology.

In the wake of a huge pool of individuals’ data stored on databases, and the ever-growing reports of cybercrime, the state revealed its plans to secure government-recorded data using WISeKey’s Blockchain technology. The partnership is also expected to lead the development of multiple pilot projects across different departments of the state government, and potentially an expansion of the technology in other aspects like smart cities. Blockchain is the key underlying technology behind the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency i.e,Bitcoin.

In a statement, J.A. Chowdary, IT advisor to the state’s chief minister, said:

We are looking towards WISeKey to play a leadership role in providing cybersecurity for the various initiatives of the government, but also drawing out the vision for smart cities who want to go beyond IoT … and use ‘Deep Tech’ algorithmic technology.”

The transport commissioner for Andhra Pradesh, N. Balasubramanyam, has also asserted blockchain implementation into transport. He further added that Andhra Pradesh would be the “first state in the world” to do so.

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Founder and CEO of WISeKey, Carlos Moreira, revealed about the project:

To have a pristine vision like putting the citizen at the center of gravity, and building all the infrastructure around this vision is the key to successfully empower citizens to unleash their full potential.”

The Indian has been eyeing blockchain technology for quite some time and has also explored the potential of the technology for land registries.

The state is noted for “Fintech Valley Vizag” – an initiative of the government of Andhra Pradesh – which promotes business infrastructure in the state, and also acknowledged as the locus of fintech disruption in the country.

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