Best Cryptocurrency This Week- Best Altcoins List

It’s been a bloodbath of a week for all the major cryptocurrencies with all the established crypto taking hits anywhere between 10% and 40%. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization went from a high of $178 Billion on September 2 to $138 Billion . But later it regained. The biggest losers for this week have been Bitcoin which went from $4800 to under $4000, Ethereum dipping below $300, Litecoin which dropped to $60, IOTA which touched $0.50 and Neo which bottomed to  18 mark from the top ten cryptocurrencies.

The worst affected were IOTA and NEO losing almost half their value due to the news of China banning ICO’s and cryptocurrency exchanges. On the other hand, Civic and Bitquence have held their value quite well throughout the fall and even gained some compared to other cryptocurrencies. These were were among the very few cryptocurrencies with positive gainsalong with Okcash and Verge.

Dash and Monero have held their value quite well losing only about 5% from the recent highs. There’s a lot of positive news coming for Altcoins with OmiseGo and Civic being added to other exchanges. OmiseGo is scheduled to be listed on Binance, a Chinese Cryptocurrency exchange. Civic, the identity security ethereum based token got listed on Poloniex, a major cryptoucurrency exchange today, 10 september 2017.

Another cryptocurrency to watchout during the coming week is Syscoin, which is planning to release a major update on September 12.

Overall, the cryptocurrency market sentiments remains bearish.

In summary, the correction that several people were expecting may finally be here and the cryptocurrency market might keep going down for a while before it starts rising again organically presenting a good opportunity for investors to watch the market and accumulate cheap crypto tokens right now.

List of Top Ten Cryptocurrencies as on 10 September 2017 publishes a list of Top ten cryptocurrencies on every sunday. This is our Ninteenth week report and the previous one was published on last sunday, 3 september.


S No.




Market Capitalization*


Price (In US$)



Supply ( in ciruclation)

16,556,650 BTC

2  Ethereum $27,515,387,088 $291.04 94,540,950 ETH
3  Bitcoin Cash $8,826,890,106 $532.64 16,571,963 BCH
4  Ripple $8,229,432,033 $0.214622 38,343,841,883 XRP
5  Litecoin $3,388,284,808 $64.09 52,869,832 LTC
6  Dash $2,383,943,016 $315.78 7,549,379 DASH
7  NEM $2,343,501,000 $0.260389 8,999,999,999 XEM
8  Monero $1,706,209,940 $113.27 15,063,078 XMR
9  IOTA $1,459,561,926 $0.525111 2,779,530,283 MIOTA
10  Ethereum Classic $1,378,181,957 $14.45 95,383,175 ETC

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*Market Capitalization is calculated by multiplying the price with the supply of coins in circuclation. posts latest news and updates about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain and upcoming ICO’s. Subscribe to our newsletters to stay updated. Join our Telegram Channel to receive instant news.

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