Bankera ICO

Blockchain powered bank built for the blockchain era – Bankera, a digital bank – aims to exploit the blockchain technology to cut down the number of counterparties in an endeavor to reduce the cost of banking for end customers.

As a traditional bank, its services could span over three blocks:


Includes payment account with personal debit cards, IBAN, interbank foreign exchange rates and payment processing. Services will be inclusive of all fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, NEM, ERC20 complaint tokens and others. Long term goals include implementing innovative solutions like gross-domestic-product (GDP) linked currencies and the use of equity traded funds as alternative money.

Loans and deposits

A core service of Bankera, it will also give it a competitive edge. Like savings accounts, current deposits will accumulate interests. All of its clients will be earning higher interest rates due to transparency in cash flow, as loans will mostly be given to business clients who are using the payment processing solution.


As a part of wealth management, it will consider low-cost investment products such as – crypto-funds (a portfolio of various cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens), equity traded funds (ETFs) and as roboadvisory solutions.

SpectroCoin – cryptocurrency exchange

The founding team of Bankera already owns and operates a successful cryptocurrency exchange, debit card provider, e-wallet, and payment process. These operations are managed under the brand name – SpectroCoin.

(More information:

SpectroCoin provides access to a number of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum. In order to remain competitive, it offers a range of products seen in traditional banking – debit card, payment processing, international account numbers, foreign exchange, and so on. Bankera is a natural extension to this, and its launch will create an operational fork. While SpectroCoin will remain a leader in providing wallet and exchange facilities for cryptocurrencies, Bankera will ensure efficient payment and banking solutions.

Bankera Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

An initial coin offering (ICO) is being launched to live Bankera’s vision. ICO will issue Bankera tokens, called Bankers (BAN), on the public blockchain during the pre-ICO and ICO. Pre-ICO will help determine the hardcap (number of tokens to be issued totally) for the ICO. For pre-ICO, the hardcap would be 2.5bn Bankers (BNK) tokens.

In order to be able to participate in the Bankera’s pre-ICO and get Bankers (BNK), users need to open an account at SpectroCoin as the pre-ICO will be conducted at SpectroCoin exchange.

BNK tokens will be issues as NEM mosaics for NEM blockchain and as ERC20 compliant tokens for Ethereum blockchain. The proportion between NEM and Ethereum tokens will be determined during pre-ICO and ICO, depending on users’ preferences.

About Banker Pre-ICO:

Token: BNK

Platform: SpectroCoin exchange

Price of BNK tokens: 0.01 EUR per token.

Minimum purchase amount: No bar


PRE-ICO Date: August 28th, 2017 – September 28th, 2017

[Note: During this period, 10% of the tokens will be distributed to determine the price of the ICO.]

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Date: Mid October

[Note: ICO participants will be allocated 30% of all tokens issued.]

SCO (secondary coin offering) Date: Yet to be released

[Note: SCO participants will be allocated 30% of all tokens.]

The team and advisors behind Bankera ICO

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