Trading of  Real Assets in Cryptocurrencies enabled with LAToken – The Latest ongoing Initial Coin Offer

LAToken – A Blockchain Exchange

An innovative Blockchain platform, LAToken allows tokenizing and trading real assets using cryptocurrencies globally. Subsequently, bringing cryptocurrencies to the real economy. Simply put, LAToken is a Blockchain Technology based Exchange where you can buy and sell shares, gold, loans, real estate and other real assets using cryptocurrency.

The objective behind LAToken

LAToken is an initiative to bring cryptocurrencies to real economy by facilitating trade of real assets in crypto. A blockchain exchange, it decentralizes capital markets, ensuring they are more transparent, sustainable and efficient, free from the interference as well as cost of middle men and “too big to fail” institutions. Consequently, asserting smarter capital flow.


The native cryptocurrency for trading tokenized assets, LAT is used for market making and liquidity enhancement. As a result, the demand for LAT influences the trading volume at the LAT Exchange. As LAT is well-positioned to emerge as the most stable and popular cryptocurrencies for the real economy, the turnover for asset-backed tokens may surpass $1 trillion by 2025. The cryptocurrency can also be used to pay transactional fees and buy assets for trading.

Benefits to investors:

  • Global access to real assets
  • Trading assets through cryptocurrency
  • Low transaction costs
  • Maximum transparency and security
  • Trade major asset classes including real estate, equity, debt, commodities, and works of art
  • LAToken investors of all sizes may own portions of assets
  • Single compliance and disclosure standards
  • Trade other asset-backed tokens on LAT Exchange (depending on compliance standards)
  • Increase ROI and diversify portfolios

Benefits to asset owners:

  • Tokenize assets to sell them to a wide range of investors
  • Best prices
  • More liquidity
  • Minimal transaction costs

About LAToken ICO

Symbol: LAT

Accepted currencies: ETH

Price for round 1: 1 ETH = 1000 LAT

Price for round 2: 1 ETH = 909 LAT

Price for round 3: 1 ETH = 769 LAT

Price for round 4: Undisclosed

Token sale HARD cap: $40 mln

LAToken sale

Sale starts on August 22, 2017 and will be completed in 4 rounds.

  • Round 1 (Aug 22-29) – Equity
  • Round 2 (Sep 5-12) – Real estate
  • Round 3 (Sep 19-26) – Debt and commodities
  • Round 4 (Oct 3-10) – Illiquid assets (e.g. works of art).

Target number of tokens for sale at Round 1: 30 mln

Target number of tokens for sale at each of Rounds 2 – 4: 50 mln

Freezing: LAToken will freeze 600,000,000 LAT.

Freeze period: 5 years from the Token Sale end

Release of tokens: ~0.05% of total frozen tokens per day to ensure all frozen tokens get released in 5 years


  • LAToken endeavors to list LAT at leading crypto exchanges. LAT will be traded on major crypto exchanges soon after the ICO. LAToken will also do necessary market making to ensure liquidity of LAT for the token holders.
  • During the Token Sale, LAT will remain available in personal LAT wallet. Once the sale ends after Round 4, LAT will be transferrable to token compatible wallets such as Mist, MyEtherWallet etc. and crypto exchanges.

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