Become A Venture Capital by Participating in Walnuts ICO by White Lion Global Ventures

Asia’s first Coin Traded (CTF) and Coin Managed Fund (CMF), White Lion Global Ventures (WLGV) Fund intends to finance startups working around Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technologies and 3D printing. In wake of this, White Lion Global Ventures has initiated Walnuts ICO to raise funds which will be invested in early stage startups in India and South East Asia (I-SEA) Region leveraging these technologies.

It is Asia’s first early stage Venture Capital Fund intended to fuel the growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency exponentially.

The initiative has been taken to resolve the problems faced by early aged startups in India-South East Asia Region. India is the most active ecosystem for startups, but most of the funding is done by traditional methods like raising debt or equity dilution. As the funding is based on age-old practices, startups leveraging emerging and high-potential technologies find it difficult to raise capitals.

India, the third-largest economy in the world and the biggest in South East Asia, aims to create a completely cash-less economy in next 10 years, under the vision of its current Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi. As of now, most of the transactions are done via paper currency, but government and RBI (The Reserve Bank of India) is taking initiatives to regularize cryptocurrency.

Other countries in the region are also planning to give a boost to digital currencies and online transactions.

White Lion Global Venture aims to be a pioneer in helping build such an infrastructure by investing in startups for increasing awareness around Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Walnuts ICO

Walnuts (WXN) is a transparent and disciplined investment process. Valuation of WXN is by real cash flow and each investment is recorded in the Blockchain Technology based system, fully accountable and auditable by stakeholders. It is legally complaint in the UK and also Singapore, and the legal compliance will be ensured for investments from funds in countries of

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