KICK ICO to tackle the problems of Initial Coin Offers and Crowdfunding Market

KICK ICO is a unique blockchain based online platform, created to facilitate safe and easy fundraising for ICO, Pre-ICO Sale, Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting. Supporting more than one kind of fundraising, KICK ICO offers the kind of flexibility that no other platform offers.

The underlying concept behind this latest ICO is to develop a platform immune to collapse when a lot of fund is raised, and provide a convenient way to people across the globe to raise funds for their projects.

While there are many similar projects in the market and many more about to enter the sphere, KICK ICO is unique in its sense for being created to resolve the problems faced by ICO and crowdfunding markets, and difficulties faced by authors. It is also here to address the needs of investors or backers, at large.

KICK ICO addresses the problems faced by authors when creating ICO campaigns and distributing their tokens, and provides them respite from bureaucracy and incredibly high fees.

The KICK ICO team paid attention to obtaining legal and compliance expertise in order to meet the new regulatory rules of the Initial Coin Offering.

Realize the power of KICK ICO

It is a wonderful platform to help game developers, innovators, entrepreneurs, blockchain leaders, designers, and creators from other domain find the required resources and support to turn their ideas into reality. The combined support of cryptocurrency and KICKONOMY will help thousands of ideas come to life.

Specialties of Kick ICO

-> Three in One fundraising

-> Raise funds through ICO, crowdfunding & crowd – investing campaigns.

-> Smart contracts and tokens

-> No financial geographical limits with the advantages of Blockchain Technology – safely, transparency and decentralization.


An exciting CryptoEconomy to help you share and protect your projects with KICKICO COINS Liquidity Pool. Also, earn BONUSES from other projects.

Kick Coin

KICKICO has its economic system (KICKONOMY) based on its own cryptocurrency – KickCoins. As the cryptocurrency is used for all internal payments, it intends to protect investors and backers from the losses of failed or fraudulent campaigns.

It is believed that the currency will grow in value in the future and will be accepted for payments on the KICKICO platform itself.

About the Kick Coin ICO

Symbol: KC

Accepted currencies: BTC and ETH

Price: 1 ETH = 3000KC (+ bonus KC for 2 ETH or more)

Minimum transaction amount: 0.05 ETH

Soft cap: 50,000 ETH

Hard cap: 100, 000 ETH

ICO KickCoin date

Start date: 29 August, 2017

End date: 29 September, 2017

{Note: The ICO will end within 24 hours when it reaches the hidden cap (between goal and 100k ETH cap)}.

A Few Successful Projects Raised by Kick

  1. Magisters of Magic – Online 4X strategy

Upcoming Projects (a few only, there’s many more):

  1. GraphGrail Ai marketplace
  2. GoToken – disrupting trillion dollar mobile and virtual goods economy

Team Behind Kick ICO

It is going to be really exciting with more and more cryptocurrencies pouring in via the ICO route. Get more latest news about upcoming ICO’s on Visit our “ICO SECTION” for more ICO’s.

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