Bitcoin was the first decentralized crypto currency. Because of it’s huge popularity and massive acceptance as a mode of payment, Bitcoin is considered as a harbinger for the Crytpo world. It encouraged the birth of various new crypto currencies. Following is a list of some of the crypto currencies existing in the market.

List of Cryptocurrencies

To be precise, 717 crypto currencies are trading in the market and changing the traditional methods of accepting and making payments. Some of them are also being sought as an Investment Option, due to its consistently rising prices and high demand.

Following are some of the existing crypto currencies:

2009  Bitcoin

2011  Litecoin

2011  Namecoin

2012  Peercoin

2013  Dogecoin

2013  Gridcoin

2013  Omni a.k.a Mastercoin

2013  Emercoin

2013  Primecoin

2013  Ripple

2013  Quark

2014 Factom

2014  Auroracoin

2014  Blackcoin

2014  Coinye

2014  Dash

2014  Mazacoin

2014  Monero

2014  Nxt

2014 Potcoin

& many more…

With so many options, you must be wondering how to start using crypto currencies? How to get Crypto Currency?
Well, you might be right as the whole world is on the same side and is shifitng to the Crypto World and start using Digital Money.
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