Top Ten Crypotucurrency List as on 17 September 2017

There’s been a lot of uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market this week as is evident in the volatility that we saw for the entire market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. The entire cryptocurrency market cap went from a high of $152 billion at the start of the week to a low of $97 billion on Thursday which saw over $50 billion in value evaporate from the market amid more Chinese regulation and controversial statements from the JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon. The market has since recovered a bit to $120 billion market cap on Sunday as of writing this weekly update. After all the fuss, here is this week’s top ten cryptocurrency list.

Compared to the last week, most cryptocurrencies have taken huge dips including Bitcoin which is $600 down from last week’s $4100. Ethereum is also down $50 from last week’s $291. Dash and Monero have held value quite well compared to the top dogs and NEO has actually gained compared to last week!

There’s still a lot of uncertainty in the cryptocurreny markets right now if the technical analysis are to be believed which are expecting a breakout in the coming week. There’s a lot of support and resistance to Bitcoin at the current levels and  the market could correct itself further before the bulls come back out and we see green on cryptocurrency again. This provides a good opportunity to investors to take a position in altcoins like OmiseGo, Neo, Monero and Civic if they felt they had missed out earlier.

Top Ten Cryptocurrency List as on 17 September 2017 publishes a list of top ten cryptocurrencies on every sunday. This is our Twentieth weekly report and the previous top ten cryptocurrency list was published on 10 september 2017.


S.No Name Market Capitalization* Price

(In US$)


(in circulation)

1 Bitcoin       $58,236,865,331 $3514.26 16,571,587 BTC
2 Ethereum $22,827,857,576 $241.13 94,671,512 ETH
3 Ripple       $6,694,029,572 $0.174579 38,343,841,883 XRP
4 Bitcoin Cash       $6,675,875,937 $402.48 16,586,975 BCH


5 Litecoin $2,502,737,649 $47.25 52,970,907 LTC
6 Dash $2,205,065,425 $291.57 7,562,757 DASH
7 NEM $1,778,400,000 $0.197600 8,999,999,999 XEM
8 Monero $1,387,039,951 $91.89 15,094,635 XMR
9 IOTA $1,306,687,761 $0.470111 2,779,530,283 MIOTA
10 NEO $948,995,000 $18.98 50,000,000 NEO


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*Market Capitalization is calculated by multiplying the price with the supply of coins in circuclation. posts latest news and updates about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain and upcoming ICO’s. Subscribe to our newsletters to stay updated. Join our Telegram Channel to receive instant news.

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