Lite.IM Will Enable Millions To Exchange Cryptocurrencies Over Facebook Messenger

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Lite.IM, a project from Zulu Republic aimed at making cryptocurrency SMS payments a reality is giving Facebook users a secure approach for cryptocurrency transaction via Facebook Messenger while keeping all the personal information of sender and receiver private and secure.

Aimed at spreading the use case of virtual money to an extensive worldwide level, the Facebook Messenger service will make it possible to send crypto funds around the globe. According to Lite.IM, its bot currently supports four major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and its own native currency, ZTX.

Getting added to the Facebook Messenger is a feat for Lite.IM. Initially, the platform started off by providing its services through Telegram and the old process of text messaging. Regarding the feature supporting text messages, Zulu Republic states that it is the fundamental requirement to fulfill its aspiration of enabling the user of even the basic cell phone to manage their crypto funds online as well as offline.

The organization further adds that providing a platform where anybody can independently savor the financial opportunity of their specialized skills or any place in the world where they residing, will establish users belief over the digital currency.

Facebook Messenger

Last month it was reported that Facebook is developing its own cryptocurrency to used for transferring money via Whatsapp. It seems Lite.IM is moving faster than the Facebook in terms of such development.

The group behind the Lite.IM foundation stated in a recent blog post that they are glad to provide the world-renowned digital currency to the combined 2.5 billion users of Telegram and Facebook. Furthermore,  those who do not have access to the internet will now be able to manage their digital assets like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency through text messaging.

The current image of Facebook is surrounding by the continuous issues about how the information of its customers is utilized.  Lite.IM states that they are focussed on eradicating such issues as chat records will never be stored or utilized by the organization. Furthermore, they will employ secured password formats and advanced private key encryption so that outsiders like Facebook are restricted from seeing any personal data that could result in misleading the funds invested by the Facebook users.

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