Ripple (XRP) May Take Over Bitcoin (BTC), Says Crypto Experts

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Ripple (XRP) , whose popularity is shooting the skies, specially since the last one year as its value is soaring, may actually catch up with Bitcoin’s place in the market, few years from now, mentioned by some of the crypto experts.

Fall in Bitcoin’s Price

It was in 2009, during its start when it was predicated that Bitcoin will rule the crypto-world. This was because Bitcoin brought with itself the concept of decentralization. From being just one then to thousands of digital currencies today, Bitcoin is the reason for the global possibilities of the digital currency. However, in the recent times, Bitcoin is has been witnessing a crash in its price.

In 2018 itself, Bitcoin crumbled to a horrendous low when its price hit below the $7000 in the month of February. Otherwise too, Bitcoin had been consistently seeing a fall in the price since that start of 2018, i.e. January.  Thus, many crypto experts have now been observed making the remarks that, “XRP currency is the next Bitcoin.”

What Is Ripple XRP?

Ripple Company was launched in 2012. Ripple is an RTGS stands for real-time gross settlement system, remittance and electronic currency exchange network. This currency assures a safe and secure global low-cost transaction medium with no barriers and no chargebacks.

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Current State of Ripple

In the last week of March, Ripple is the third largest currency in terms of market capitalisation. However, when it comes to market value, it is still below $1, ($0.572828) as of March the 28th.

Moreover, XRP is one such electronic currency, which in the last one or two years has developed massive partnerships and is triumphing over the trust of investors.

Ripple in 2018

Top crypto experts, a very firm prediction was made which asserted that XRP currency in the coming time will witness a steady price surge. Going from its value in 2017, XRP has soared by 28000%

Keeping this surge in mind, many leading banks and other financial institutions are considering the implementation of XRP to speed up their payment processing model. Thus, making XRP contribution so valuable in today’s digital world.

Also, according to a latest report by a group of crypto aficionados by predicted Ripple will be second in the list of cryptocurrencies at the end of 2018, overtaking Ethereum. It also expected that Ripple will worth $5 by December 31, 2018.

Thus, it can be safely concluded that Ripple (XRP) crypto currency will outdo Bitcoin (BTC) as the prospects are getting along well with both crypto traders, investors and banks, says some crypto experts.

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