Bitcoin Growth Fund- A Cryptocurrency-Blockchain Venture Capital Fund

What is Bitcoin Growth Fund?

Bitcoin Growth Fund, a new venture capital fund which invites and allows a common man to invest in high-return fetching Blockchain startups.Non-High Networth Individuals can have an access to invest in exponentially growing early age startups.

Any person can invest in Bitcoin growth Fund. The amount will then be invested in the following sectors to maximize the returns of the investors:

It is like a Mutual Fund of Crypto Currencies, which will invest in the field of crypto currencies, blockchain startups and other startups to diversify the investment and maximize the returns.

How will it work?

The Bitcoin Growth fund (BGF) is developed on the Bitcoin’s Blockchain platform. This Blockchain is again an open source public ledger and thus like Bitcoin’s Blockchain, it will ensure complete accountability and transparency.

To participate in the fund, an investor will have to invest in the fund by purchasing it’s own token called MCAP. The fund will issue the tokens to the investors in proportion to the amount of money invested .

An investment committee will be established comprising of fund managers and experts. These committee members will review the various investment opportunities in the above mentioned fields and thus will take decision on where should the capital be invested.

The funds will be allocated and invested in different sectors. Investors will receive semi-annual dividends in proportion to the amount invested.

Bitcoin Growth Fund will also provide an exchange whereby the token (MCAP) holders can buy,sell,trade MCap.

What is MCAP?

As it is mentioned above, Bitcoin Growth Fund is like a Mutual Fund. Every Mutual fund comes with a unit. Similarly , MCAP, the digital token is the unit of Bitcoin Growth Fund.

As an investors buys certain amount of units to invest in the specific Mutual Fund scheme, similarly the investor interested in BGF needs to buy MCAP for investing in Bitcoin Growth Fund Schemes.

If Bitcoin Growth Fund is a country, MCAP is it’s currency.

Bitcoin Growth Fund had launched an ICO to raise funds for MCAP. Each MCAP Token was being offered at $4. The ICO was launched on 27 April 2017.

Bitcoin Growth Fund offered a discount of twenty percent till 7 May 2017. The company then offers ten percent discount uptill 17 May 2017.

Which means  an investor could buy MCAP for $3.2 till 7 May. After that, $3.6 a unit till 17 May.

The price will be raised again to initial price of $4 after 17 May 2017.

With the money raised through the sale of MCAP tokens, BGF will invest the capital in the mining of Bitcoin & other Altcoins along with investing in other ICO’s.BGF claims that it has developed algorithms to decide which Altcoin should be mined at any time to get maximum returns.

$4 million raised so far!

BGF launched the ICO sale of MCAP tokens on the 27  April 2017 and shocked the Blockchain-Crypto world by raising over $4 million in 10 days.

The sale of MCAP tokens will end when it will reach the sale cap or when the number of tokens released is exhausted. BGF has planned to release a total of 100 million tokens and has only released 20% of the MCAP tokens as of now. The remaining 80% will eventually be released in the coming months.

MCAP will be available to the public for trading on various platforms in the coming months.

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As it was mentioned earlier, MCAP is the only way as of now to enter and invest in Bitcoin Growth Fund. Investing in Bitcoin Gorwth Fund, through MCAP tokens offers the following advantages.

  • Investors can invest in Mining and ICO of upcoming high return fetching crypto currencies
  • BGF has developed an algorithm to calculate which Altcoin will fetch most profits if mined at any given moment based on it’s difficulty level, trading volume and the profit that it could possible generate.
  • A dedicated team has been formed by BGF to continuously analyze the various upcoming ICO based on more than thirty parameters such as viability and scope of the product idea, intellectual background of the founders and team, applicability of the Idea to mentioned business sector, etc. In short, the team will pick out the best option for the investors to invest their money to get maximum returns.
  • Investors will recieve semi-anuual dividens on the amount invested in BGF and also can trade MCAP when it gets listed in crypto currencies exchnages.

Future of MCap

Only few people on the planet are aware about Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies.  As more and more people are getting to know about it, popularity of these magical financial instruments is rising and thus the demand. Countries are now starting to review it and accept it as an official mode of payment. Recently, Japan recognized Bitcoins as legal tender. In US/Europe it is already being used like a normal fiat currency.

Russia may do it by 2018. India has established a committee to examine virtual currencies and probably may legalize it by June 2017.

Increasing Mass adoption of Crypto currencies, specifically Bitcoins Is raising the demand and thus the price . Increasing prices are attracting investors worldwide who are willing to invest in the existing crypto currencies as well as the ICO of upcoming crypto currencies. This fact is boosting the confidence level of developers and techies around the world and are already working to launch more magical financial instruments in future

With so many options available for an investor to invest in crypto world, it becomes difficult to pick the best option. Also it takes a lot of time and research before investing the hard earned Money.

Here Bitcoin Growth Fund (BGF) and it’s token MCAP helps the investor to invest his/her hard earned money to the best option available at the moment.

BGF aims to enable the average investor to earn huge returns in the long run by investing in one single coin rather than investing in multiple cryptocurrencies.

With MCAP tokens, our aim is to enable the average user to be able to earn huge returns in the long run by investing in one single coin rather than investing in multiple cryptocurrencies and hoping for their price to increase. posts latest updates/articles about Bitcoin, Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies. Susbscribe to our newsletters to never miss any updates.

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