Microsoft Azure launches A Fully Managed Blockchain Service

by | May 3, 2019 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Microsoft announces the launch of its Azure Blockchain Services, a fully managed service that will allow formation, management, and governance of consortium blockchain networks, as stated in a press release on May 2.

Basically, the new blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform will enable users to build blockchain applications on preconfigured network. Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s head of corporate communications, stated that the service “simplifies the formation, management, and governance of consortium blockchain networks.”

Shaw went on to note that the  Azure Blockchain Service can purportedly create a new consortium network “in a few simple clicks,” or allows the user to perform basic operations like adding new members to the network.

The open source blockchain platform backed by JPMorgan Chase, Quorum is the first platform that can be managed via Azure Blockchain Service.  Mark Russinovich, CTO of Azure elaborated over the choice –

“Because it’s built on the popular Ethereum protocol, which has the world’s largest blockchain developer community, Quorum is a natural choice.”

In May 2018, Microsoft Azure released its blockchain app creation service Azure Blockchain Workbench, that was designed to automate aspects of blockchain-related work. Wherein a streamlined blockchain app development provided an infrastructure for the developer.

Microsoft Azure collaborated with Nasdaq, in October 2018, wherein the latter integrate Azure blockchain technology into its financial framework in order to speed up transactions.

In related news, Amazon Web Services introduces its own BaaS platform dubbed Amazon Managed Blockchain, on April 30, 2019.

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