Mozilla Firefox’s New Update Will Block Web-Based Cryptojacking

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Mozilla Firefox, a major open-source browser launched a new protections against crypto mining malware in its new browser versions as per a blog post published on April 9.

 In its latest versions Firefox Nightly 68 and Beta 67, Mozilla has incorporated a new level of protection against crypto mining and fingerprinting hack attacks. All the actions are part of Mozilla’s Content Blocking suite of protections.

The said browsing features have been developed in collaboration with privacy and security software firm Disconnect. It represents a collection of blacklists of malware domains that are associated with fingerprinting and crypto mining scripts. Reportedly, the Disconnect’s blacklist is capable of blocking in-browser mining services such as Coinhive and CryptoLoot, as per the tech news outlet BleepingComputer.

Notably, this new protection is currently not applied by default on Firefox, it can be enabled in the Privacy and Security settings’ section. The blog post adds that the protections will be turned on by default in Nightly in the coming weeks. Last year in August, Mozilla announced that it will block cryptojacking malware in future versions of Firefox.

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