Nestle, Carrefour Jointly Employ IBM Blockchain To Provide Consumers With Product Data

The consumer of Nestle, a Swiss food giant and Carrefour, a French retailer will now be able to access the product data, through IBM’s Food Trust platform, as announced by the two firms jointly on Monday.  

As per the announcement, the consumer could track the Mousline line of instant mashed potato from Nestle’s factory to Carrefour’s stores by scanning a QR code on the packaging with a smartphone. The code will provide the product’s production date, quality control parameters and storage times and the locations of warehouses.

Even the information on the farmers who supply the potatoes for the product and how the puree is made, will also be made available to the consumers. The announcement further adds that it would be Nestle’s first time employing a blockchain platform to share data with customers.  Vineet Khanna, Nestle’s SVP and global head of supply chain, said:

“We are using [blockchain] technology to bring more transparency to our products by providing accurate, trusted and impartial information. That will benefit the whole value chain, including retailers and consumers.”

Over the next few weeks, this new service is under the testing phase with the Mousline product. As per  Nestle and Carrefour this testing phase is aimed to “help to understand the impact and scalability of the technology, and inform decisions on further developments.” 

Since 2017, when Nestle joined IBM Food Trust as a founding member, the company has been eyeing the use of blockchain technology. Carrefour joined the platform last October. Just last week, the world’s second-largest supermarket company by sales, Albertsons Companies, also became a Food Trust member, planning a pilot tracking suppliers of romaine lettuce, a product which was last year linked to a widespread outbreak of E-coli.

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