Atlant, the ongoing ICO is developed as an open source, next-generation real-estate platform, to provide tokenized framework as well as P2P rental network features, which will operate and trade on Ethereum blockchain. Realizing the potential of Blockchain technology to accelerate the adoption of the Sharing Economy, the brains behind ATLANT ICO intends to tap the previously unexploited capacity like tokenization of property with the aim to transform the real estate transactions.

This is why token crowdsale mechanism has been adopted to pre-sell the product and development of finances, against the traditional venture capital.

ATLANT platform seeks to subdivide individual real estate parcels in tokens – called PTO or Property Token Offering – and list them on decentralized Blockchain exchanges like ADEX exchange. Such endeavor would simplify cross-border transactions, ease transfer of ownership, alleviate tax inefficiencies, and eliminate substantial overheads, among other benefits.

Digital assets would be uniquely identified via a digital record containing information like occupancy, legal status, physical characteristics, and others.

Atlant ICO Addresses two of the major problems of Real Estate Industry:

Tokenized Ownership

Tokenizing shares in individual estate assets and ensure their liquid trading in a transparent and methodical way with price discovery.

P2P Rentals

Cut down the fees for tenants as well as lessor and reduce possibility of fake reviews, forged ratings which are common to the centralized services like Airbnb and Booking.

Benefits of Atlant ICO

->Price Discovery

->Tokenized and freely tradable on digital asset exchanges, it will ensure price transparency and discovery.


->Blockchain technology will guarantee asset ownership and rental agreements to ensure temper-proof decentralized store of records.


->Divisible tokens denominate investments, allowing users to diversify their asset holding and invest with modest portfolio size.

->Low Overheads

->Both purchase and rental transactions will incur lower commissions, due to processing via smart contracts.


->Property tokens will be traded without substantial changes in asset price.


->Transaction settlements and ratings remain immune to changes on the blockchain eliminating disputes and improving real estate market efficiency.

ATL Tokens

Essentially membership certificates in the ATLANT Platform, ALT tokens allows their owners the rights of trading on the platform.

About Atlant ICO

Total ALT tokens: 150,000,000

Tokens issued during the ICO period: 103,548,812

Tokens allotted for pre-sale: 5,201,188

Atlnat ICO Soft cap: USD $1.5 million

Atlant ICO Hard cap: 225,403 ETH

Starting price: 1 ETH = 505 ATL

Bonus: 19%

Atlant ICO date

ICO start date: 7 Sep 2017

ICO end date: 31 Oct 2017

Atlant ICO Progress

At the time of publishing this article, following were the statistics of Atlant ICO:

Total investors: 2351

Amount Raised (in USD): 2,049,174.15

Total ALT coins sold: 3,341,949.83

Team and Advisors Behind Atlant ICO


NOTE 1: Users are suggested not to use exchanges, but personal wallets like Jaxx, Mist and MyEtherWallet.

NOTE 2: After the ICO, BTC-UP and SpaceBTC will be the first exchanges to list the ATL tokens. Liqui and HitBTC may follow. Discussions with other primary exchanges are on.

NOTE 3: ATL will be tradable after the ICO.

NOTE 4: Tokens not sold during the ICO will be burned. publishes latest news and updates about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology. To view a list of more initial coin offers, visit our “ICO Section”.


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