Coinbase, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, has introduced a new feature on its decentralized web platform called WalletLink. Using WalletLink, the exchange’s numerous users would now be able to connect some specific Decentralized Apps (DApps), straight from any traditional web browsers. According to the official announcement on the Coinbase blog, all that is needed to enjoy this connection is to scan a QR Code from WalletLink with the regular Coinbase Wallet app. This move shows that the exchange’s recent setback involving a financial relationship with Barclays, has not slowed it down at all.

DApp Adoption

At the moment, WalletLink has already been tried out with four browsers including privacy-focused decentralized blockchain browser Brave, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera as well. Coinbase hopes to make DApp adoption easier by integrating access with traditional browsers also stating that support for a few more browsers will be ensured sometime in the near future. Furthermore, the publication shows that Coinbase is aware that there has been some difficulty with the experience and wants to, as much as possible, remove all impediments to easy use of the service.

“[So far], the Coinbase Wallet experience has been limited to mobile devices. Users on desktop web browsers have had to resort to installing chunky browser extensions, copying and pasting private keys across devices, and seeing fragmented wallet balances. Now, WalletLink enables a simpler way to use DApps.”

Supported DApps

For now, the DApps with full WalletLink support are quite specific to Decentralized Finance (DeFi). They include IDEX which is a decentralized exchange platform; dYdX, a platform for margin trading; Compound, another decentralized on-chain trading platform; and Maker, a reserve bank for the Dai stablecoin.

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