New Zealand teams up with Alibaba

New Zealand launches new Bitcoin Exchange “BitPrime” after loosing it’s previous bitcoin trading exchange BitNZ.

BitNZ was in existence since 2011, but was forced to close after its bank refused to serve it any longer.

With high volatility in price range and offering huge trading opportunities, Bitcoin is being witnessed as an investment option by the people of New Zealand, as like by the rest of the world. New Zealand may be a small market for Bitcoins, but increase in market expansion of Bitcoin as a whole is increasing the popularity of Bitcoins.

Day by day bitcoin is gaining huge demand from the rest of the world. (click here to read more about bitcoins)

Witnessing huge popularity, New Zealand ties-up with Alibaba to develop a Blockchain based food security system to assure the public about the quality, hygiene and safety  of it’s food and dairy products.

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