On.Live – Revolutionising Online Live Streaming !

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Cryptocurrency News, ICO, Press Release

What is On.Live?

The possibilities of a live stream are endless. Whether you are live streaming your kids birthday party so that distant family can see, or live streaming your favorite band so others can experience the action, live streaming has become something that is very normal in our everyday lives. We use live streaming to do business as well. We live stream the meetings with our lawyers and clients. This is where I would like to present On.Live to you.

On.Live is a new live streaming platform where sellers and buyers can exchange services for virtual currency. You can make money as a consultant or outsource your services with On.Live!

A concept that might be new to you is to live stream your business. Lets take an example of a person who own a music consulting business. The person gives musicians advice on how to further their careers and they pay me money for consultation. In my particular case, I would use On.Live in multiple ways to live stream to my clients as well as an audience. I have the availablility of doing paid consulting sessions as well as offering free consulting sessions to an audience and it’s all live streamed! This is basically your “all in one” if you own a consulting business of any kind or even if you have an expertise of any kind that you can offer as a service.

Changing the game!

On.Live is going to change everything for live streaming. It has some particularly useful tools for consultants like myself. Offer services on the site and others who need these services done can seek you out. One very important feature to mention is the fact that you can schedule reservations for live consultations. So I can schedule all my consultations for the week with their easy to use calendar! This makes things especially easy for me.

I work in the music industry so there are tons of questions to be asked and I encourage my clients to ask them. Another great feature on On.Live is the fact that you can also direct message your clients. This is especially useful for me when my clients have any questions or concerns, they can reach out to me directly which gives them ultimate customer satisfaction. The messaging client also allows me to send files, so when I do a write up on a client or need to send them some music we can exchange files easily! I can create a new offer to a previous customer through messages as well. The dedicated offer system and direct messaging system on On.Live is sleek, smooth and works very well!

You set up your consultation offers!

Take control of your consulting business and check out On.Live

It beats out all the competition and is going to change the game for live streaming! Making an account is easy. They have a great video explaining what I have shown you here plus more! Check it out :

For more information concerning On.Live check out their sites:




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