One Solution Ecosystem – Decentralized Fund Management For Investment In ICO’s

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Voting and Fund Management in One Solution Ecosystem

One Solution seeks to revolutionise the ICO ecosystem by building a decentralized solution which allows SOLVO Coin ( the native token of One Solution Ecosystem) holders to individually manage the fund. Additionally they will receive profits from secure and highly profitable investments from the best ICO’s.

The decision making in the ecosystem is done by means of voting. To take part in voting the voters must hold crypto assets in their internal wallets. A decision is accepted if it receives over 51% of votes. The amount of crypto assets held by a user defines the weight of his vote. For example, if a Fund participant owns 50,000 SOLVO Coins, and stores them on the internal One Solution Fund wallet, and the total number of coins issued is 50 million, this means that the weight of the participant’s voice is 0.1%.

The fund founders can make independent decisions based on the fund’s operations. Each ballot is maintained for 2 days. During this time period, a participant can recast his vote. Upon completion of the period, the voting closes and decision which receives over 51% of votes is accepted. The results are stored on the internal blockchain.

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One Solution will also launch a mobile application for iOS and Android smartphones. With this the project participants can cast their vote easily. The application will also enable the participants to view expert reviews. These reviews will be prepared for each vote. Only the projects which will pass a stringent expert evaluation will be brought to a voting stage. There is also a cap on the investment volume that the fund can direct towards the purchase of single project tokens. It is limited to prevent malicious activity and also to ensure security for the fund and participants.

Only 5% of funds can be directed towards a single project for investing. A fund management and selecting of project involves the following steps-

  • Selecting  an investment object and determining  the amount to be invested.
  • Establishing measures  to assess the development of the project.
  • Exit the project and sell its tokens.
  • Appointing of Fund experts.
  • Choice of development directions.
  • Approving  the development plan and marketing strategy.

In order to encourage new participants, One Solution will build a public blockchain which can be accessed by anyone. The blockchain will store information of the Fund’s portfolio and its associated aspects. The participants will need to pass pass registration, including KYC/AML procedures. An access to user’s profile will be provided only after passing an internal Digital Identification procedure.The registry will store all the personal data of the user.

Thus, the One Solution ecosystem seeks to revolutionize the ICO space with its enhanced and one of a kind ecosystem.

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To know more details about the Onesolution ICO, visit their official website.

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