Opera Launches Ethereum Blockchain Based Mobile Browser With Inbuilt Ethereum Wallet

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Opera announces the rollout of its new browser for Android at a blockchain event in London. The latest upgrade involves a very special feature for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, i.e. an inbuilt Ethereum wallet. Being a famous browser, Opera is used by many and could aid in cryptocurrency adoption.In July, the app’s beta version was introduced, which created a flurry of excitement in the cryptocurrency community as it enabled mobile users to send, receive and hold crypto in the browser wallet. The app was rolled out in partnership with the Joseph Lubin-backed startup called Infura.

Opera Browser

The new Opera browser will eliminate the need of installing a separate Android wallet on your smartphone. Moreover, the browser will run on Ethereum Blockchain and give the user the possibility to access a slew of inbuilt dApps.

The company brands their new Android-based product as a ‘Blockchain browser’. Opera boasts that the use of nascent technology will aid them to trump over their competitors. Opera’s Krystian Kolondra further adds that it is not just about introducing a newfangled feature and that the browser will eventually boost the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum cofounder Lubin, who currently leads ConsenSys, also believes that the new app could have disruptive potential and will aid in making decentralized applications available for the general public.

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