Oracle Partners With World Bee Project To Track Honey Sustainability On Blockchain

by | Jul 6, 2019 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Oracle, the tech giant, and the World Bee Project have collaborated to develop a blockchain-based sustainability assurance system for honey on the supply chain, as per a report by Ledger Insights on July 5.

Reportedly, the honey-tracing blockchain will be developed on the Oracle Blockchain Platform. The partnership aims at launching a “BeeMark” label, that will purportedly guarantee that so-labeled honey comes from ecological and sustainable sources.

Further, the BeeMark also plans to employ data science to monitor environmental factors pertaining to the bees’ surroundings. Oracle plans to install monitoring systems inside beehives globally, so as to track bee behavior and health. Interestingly, Oracle has worked with WBP in the past for a blockchain-based solution to certify genuine honey.

The report further adds that the new solution will track information uploaded to the Oracle Blockchain Platform and ping modifications to honey along the supply chain. Along with the benefits of supply chain tracking, Oracle and WBP aim to research population decline in bees using these blockchain collaborations. As per the report, the decline in bees could pose a risk for the future of agriculture.

Previously, food retail giant Nestlé partnered with OpenSC, a blockchain platform for supply chain tracking. In April the firm also partnered with IBM’s blockchain network Food Trust for another blockchain-based produce tracking initiative. Just recently, Walmart China also partnered with VeChain to track produce via Thor blockchain.

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