VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin ETF Proposal Has Been Withdrawn From the SEC

The CBOE has withdrawn its proposal for a Bitcoin ETF, just a few weeks before the SEC’s deadline.

Deloitte Is Now Letting Its Staff Pay For Meals In Bitcoin

As part of its drive to improve crypto and blockchain adoption, Deloitte is letting its staff pay for food in the office canteen, using Bitcoin.

Wells Fargo to Develop Own Crypto to Handle Internal Financial Transactions

Wells Fargo has announced that it is piloting its own blockchain for a cross-border financial solution, strictly for internal use only. The platform is expected to launch sometime next year.

Hedera Hashgraph Launches Mainnet Beta, Much Faster Than Blockchain Speed

The Hedera hashgraph network has now officially launched its mainnet and will immediately begin distribution of HBAR tokens. The network is purported to be faster than any blockchain available.

Neufund Receives Approval for Public Offerings From Lichtenstein Financial Authority

Lichtenstein’s financial regulator has given Neufund approval to begin hosting token offerings. Neufund has already began its first offering with mobility company, GreyP.

Bitcoin Nework Sets New Mining Hash Rate and Difficulty Records

Bitcoin has now hit a new two-week hashrate and difficulty level. These never before seen figures show that despite the price swings, the network is still waxing strong.

HTC’s Exodus 1 Blockchain Phone Now Includes Support for Bitcoin Cash

HTC’s Exodus 1 now has native support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The smartphones will now have’s native wallet.

DACC Token Will Now Be Trading on KuCoin Exchange Platform

DACC Token Will Now Be Trading on KuCoin Exchange Platform

KuCoin today is proudly announcing that they have once again listed another token from a decentralized project focusing on the digital and media content solution called DACC. Deposits are now accessible utilizing KuCoin’s Android and iOS app, or to their official...

CPChain’s CPC Is Now Listed At KuCoin Blockchain Exchange Platform

CPChain’s CPC Is Now Listed At KuCoin Blockchain Exchange Platform

The most trusted blockchain exchange asset KuCoin is announcing today that they have listed an interesting native currency of Cyber-Physical Chain or CPChain called CPC.  Deposits are now available with trading pairs such as CPC/BTC and CPC/ETC. Buying begins at 19:30...

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Bill Gates Foundation Uses Ripple’s Interledger Technology

Ripple’s Interledger Tech to be Used by Gates Foundation for Pushing Mobile Payments The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who has been actively involved in working for the underdeveloped sections of the society has recently released an open-source software for the...

GCC Blockchain Conference in Dubai on 22-23 November 2017

GCC Blockchain Conference in Dubai 2017 Dubai government has recently annouced to become the first blockchain-powered government in the world by 2020. Blockchain Technology is witnessing seriousness from almost all the private and public sectors in Dubai. Walking...

Exchanges And Wallets Supporting Bitcoin Gold

With the major rush in Bitcoin prices creating new all-time highs almost every day, people have almost forgot that two hard forks are awaiting round the corner. The few who are enlightened about the recent course of events are rooting for SegWit2x however one must not...

Why Ethereum Can Be A Better Option Than Bitcoin ?

This Bitcoin Surge Could Be Temporary And Why It Makes More Sense To Buy Ethereum Recently, the Bitcoin prices have sky-rocketed creating new all-time highs on almost daily basis recently. However, with such a sharp in the Bitcoin prices in almost no time, news...

Some More Reasons Why Bitcoin Price is Increasing

Bitcoin Price Dazzles With Significant Backing From Multiple Avenues We recently discussed Top 5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price is Increasing in our previous article. We mentioned that there are some more reasons for the recent surge in Bitcoin price. The increasing curve...

Top Ten Cryptocurrency List As On 15 October 2017

The cryptocurrency market has seen explosive growth this past week, mostly in Bitcoin price creating new all-time high which went from the $4400 range at the start of the week to over $5800 on October 13, 2017. The Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization stood at...

Top 5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Is Increasing?

Bitcoin price creating new all-time high Bitcoin price created a new all-time high today at $5862 which brought in a sigh of relief among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Since its September high of $5000, things have been going haywire in the cryptocurrency front which...

Abu Dhabi Issues Guidelines for ICO Regulations

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Abu Dhabi has started to look into matters pertaining to cryptocurrencies and ICO and is thus issuing guidelines for the very first time. Abu Dhabi is not the first country to issue such guidelines as we have seen...

Ukraine Introduces New Legislation for Cryptocurrency Law

After a lot of speculation for fishy trading activities going within the decentralized cryptocurrency world, financial regulatory bodies across the globe are working towards introducing regulatory frameworks for local cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges....

Bitcoin Price Records A New All-Time High At $5862

Bitcoin Price Soars to Record High Pricing Above $5000  In spite of all the speculations, regulations and several heads of top financial institutions talking against the cryptocurrency wave, it seems there is nothing that is stopping investors from buying Bitcoins. A...

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