Court Once Again Rules Against Bitfinex, Dissolving Motion against the NYAG

In a new turn of events, a Bitfinex motion seeking the dismissal of the case against it brought by the NYAG has been dissolved. The Court has found that the NYAG has jurisdiction over the case and should continue with the prosecution.

Israeli Authority to Speed Up Licensing of 2,000 Fintech Startups

The Israeli government is seeking to encourage innovation in the financial sector by fast tracking license applications for a large number of fintech startups, some of which are blockchain based.

Bank of America to Secure Patent for New Multi-Tiered Crypto Wallet

The USPTO has published a filing by the Bank of America, for a digital currency wallet with different levels of security security, each with limited access to funds.

British Hacker Who Receives Bitcoin Payment Sentenced to 20 Months In Jail

A court in Norwich has sentenced a 19-year-old British man for his hacking activity. The man, in a bid to hide money trails, only received Bitcoin as payment.

Bakkt Will Fully Launch its Physically-Settled Bitcoin Futures Contracts by September

Intercontinental Excgange (ICE) subsidiary, Bakkt, has been officially cleared to launch and will begin by next month.

DAO.Casino Blockchain TestNet 1.0 Release

DAO.Casino Blockchain TestNet 1.0 Release

DAO.Casino is both pleased and excited to announce the launch of the TestNet 1.0 of its Blockchain project. This public testing environment provides developers and contributors with access to the beta version of the DAO.Casino network, to sample our next generation...

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5 Best Brokers for Crypto Trading in 2019

With the prominence that cryptocurrency has today, it should come as no surprise that many forex brokers have implemented crypto trading into their brokerage services. But even with the large number of brokers that offer crypto trading today, finding a reliable,...

Understanding The Benefits Of Blockchain For Businesses

Most people associate the word blockchain with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, and rightly so. It was developed to give Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a level of legitimacy necessary to gain mainstream acceptance. But blockchain is much more than just a ledger for...

Bytecoin Undergoes Long Awaited Hardfork

On Friday May 17, Bytecoin, one of the longest standing privacy coins in the crypto space, successfully underwent a scheduled hardfork. This was a non-contentious hardfork, meaning that it was pre-planned and intended as a means of refining the Bytecoin platform...

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