Tron Price Analysis – Expect a Breakout or Breakdown

it is prudent for traders to exercise patience in anticipation of a breakout at the upper range or a breakdown at the lower range.

Ethereum Price Analysis – ETHUSD In a Bullish Trend

In this Ethereum price analysis, if the bulls sustain the price above the 12-day EMA, the $176 resistance level will be broken, and the price will climb to previous high of $184 and $200 levels.

Bitcoin Price Analysis – BTC Bulls Attempting to Break $5,300 Mark

In this Bitcoin price analysis, BTCUSD will climb to $5,500 and $6,000 if the bulls are able to break the $5,300 resistance level.

Ripple Price Prediction – Bullish Trend Terminated

In this Ripple price prediction, XRPUSD will rise if the $0.33000 price level holds and more buyers emerge. However, if the bears are able to break the $0.33000 price level, the price will likely decline to the low at $0.32600.

Introducing Reindeer- A Decentralized Cloud Computing Solution 

Introducing Reindeer- A Decentralized Cloud Computing Solution 

Reindeer - Optimizing Opportunities for Cloud Design Creators  Reindeer is an unconventional cloud design ecosystem that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The existing cloud computing domain functions with a monopolized approach that leads to inefficiencies such as...

Japan Seeks To Simplify Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting

Cryptocurrency has an acrid relationship with taxation, especially when the world is still looking into ways to develop regulations for the. Worrying over the same the Japanese taxation policy committee observed debate on Wednesday, Oct. 17, to simplifying ...

Spacebit – Democratising Access To Space

Spacebit - Space Exploration And Blockchain Technology Space exploration has always been a privilege generally reserved for government programs and leading conglomerates. The general population has never been able to participate and benefit from these missions....