Grayscale Investments Now Authorized To Offer First Public Crypto Index Fund

The Grayscale company has now received approval from FINRA and will give investors the opportunity to access the first public crypto index fund.

CME Records Growth In Bitcoin Futures Demand From Institutional Investors

The CME Group has said that corporate players have increased their purchase volume of Bitcoin futures.

Libra Project Continues As Official Libra Association Is Formed

Following a meeting in Switzerland, the Libra Association is now officially formed.

Major Auto Manufacturers To Begin Testing Blockchain Toll Payments

Five major car makers will begin testing automatic car payments using blockchain technology.

FXCM Forex Firm Announces New Crypto Basket Offering

The FXCM Group has announced a new basket offering for its customers, with support for 5 cryptocurrencies.

Central Bank of the Netherlands Says Gold Is The Best Hedge Against Economic Collapse

The apex bank of the Netherlands in a statement, has said that gold is the best collateral protect against economic problems.

Major Gold Refiner Launches New Stablecoin Backed By Gold On Ethereum Blockchain

Australia’s Perth Mint has launched a new token backed by GoldPass certificates.

Leverage The New World of Barter With Ubecoin

Leverage The New World of Barter With Ubecoin

Barter transactions globally account for about 23% of the total value of global business transactions. The harsh economic environment led to 45% business owners looking for trading goods or services with other merchants or customers and nearly 23% have increased their...

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Coinbin, Korean Crypto Exchange Files For Bankruptcy

A South Korean Cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbin that took over the hacked exchange Youbit has filed for bankruptcy with an alleged loss of over $26 million. As per the reports by Business Korea, Coinbin's CEO  Park Chan-kyu announced the bankruptcy on February 20,...

ZCash Re-Brands Itself As Electric Coin Company

The cryptocurrency company behind the creation of privacy coin ZCash has recently announced to rename their company from ZCash to Electric Coin Company. As per the official blog post, the company is " changing the name for clarity.” The actions have left the crypto...

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