Pay For Your Uber Rides In Bitcoin By Using Vendit

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Vendit, an online cryptocurrency payment system has marked itself as a pioneer in cryptocurrency ecosystem as it successfully adds Uber to the list of supported applications, that will enable the platforms’ users to add credit to their Uberwallet. The credit could later be used for booking a ride. Users can pay for the Uber rides via Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency.

How to Book Uber

Vendit’s backend is integrated through a PoS system that is linked to all their merchants. So, when you call for a ride within the app, it’ll notify the merchant, in this case, Uber and the order will be processed. Everything is done through Vendit’s app. According to Vendit:

 “It is with great pleasure to announce that Uber has been added to Vendit’s payment system that will allow people to add credits to their Uber App by purchasing with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.”

Last year, Libereum, a Europe-based currency company bought a huge amount of shares in Vendit’s Payment System. Later  Libereum dipped its toes into other avenues as well and acquired football clubs as part of its global expansion.

As for Uber, the transportation network company did venture into the cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2016 and announced that it would be accepting Bitcoin as payment for taxi rides. However, this did not come through until now. Notably, Vendit has an extensive database of customers includes iHop, Dominos, and Gamestop.

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