RBI Cryptocurrency Court Case (25/09/2018) : Supreme Court Of India Adjourns The Case

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Cryptocurrency News

RBI Cryptocurrency Case Again Adjourned By Supreme Court

It was expected and it was no shock that the RBI Cryptocurrency case has again been adjourned.

The Supreme court of India adjourned the RBI Vs Cryptocurrency case till tomorrow due to hearings of previous case. Although the case is adjourned till tomorrow, it is highly unlikely that the RBI Crypto case would be heard tomorrow due to other matters that are lined up for arguments before the crypto matter.

The RBI Cryptocurrency case was listed as the item no. 17 in the court no.9 of Supreme Court of India.

To mention again, the Supreme Court is not delaying only RBI Cryptocurrency case but also all other cases as well due to lengthy hearings of previous cases. We request our readers to no get confused that only RBI Vs Cryptocurrency case is getting adjorned. Every case that reaches Supreme Court is important and thus, the hearings takes time. Be Patient!!

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