Introducing Reindeer- A Decentralized Cloud Computing Solution

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency News, ICO, Press Release

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Reindeer – Optimizing Opportunities for Cloud Design Creators 

Reindeer is an unconventional cloud design ecosystem that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The existing cloud computing domain functions with a monopolized approach that leads to inefficiencies such as security issues, lack of reliability, transparency, high downtime, etc. Reindeer works with a decentralized approach that envisions to eliminate such inefficiencies and make cloud computing more effective and accessible to the masses.

Reindeer intends to be the Github of the cloud computing space. The platform plans to develop a huge repository of numerous tools and processes for cloud designs. This way Reindeer wants to improve the cloud computing provision for content creators across the globe. This extensive repository will enable users to share their cloud designs seamlessly with the world and gain substantial profits in the bargain. Furthermore, it allows people to choose their preferred cloud design and develop online content with the same configuration.

Democratizing the Cloud Designing Process

Presently, the cloud designing industry is monopolized by conglomerates that include the likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure, IBM, etc. This excessive control by large-scale companies hinders the growth of small and medium-size companies that are struggling to thrive in this market. Reindeer wants to democratize this industry and offer people equal opportunities to showcase their potential in this profitable business sphere. It offers an open database to individuals where they can create and share their innovative cloud designs and get rewarded by means of platform tokens in return for their services.

Secure and Reliable 

Reindeer is designed on the Ethereum blockchain that streamlines its control wherein no one person dominates the ecosystem. All transactions are stored and processed via smart contracts, which ensure there is optimum transparency and lower transaction costs. Furthermore, the platform is not administered by the interests of any advertisers; the high demand for cloud-based products alone boost the growth of this platform.

A Flexible Workflow 

Typically, cloud computing platforms are governed by centralized IT guidelines that result in an inflexible workflow. The decentralized approach of Reindeer enables the platform to create a flexible workflow that allows users to connect and communicate with each other. It is a collaborative workspace where users can team-up and create designs and share it on the platform for others to use. Reindeer works on creative common licenses, wherein the data is accessible to all users.

Token Generation and Token Sale 

The Reindeer Token denoted as RDT is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token. The token value is proportionate to the cloud designs collected by the platform’s database. To promote the development of the database, the platform aims to maintain a steady flow of RDT tokens that will allow users to easily register their cloud designs. Presently the value of one RDT token is set at 0.0001 ETH. The ICO will be launched on December 20th, 2018 and will continue till February 4th, 2019. The hard cap is set at 200,000 ETH whereas the soft cap is pegged at 4,000 ETH.

Reindeer – A Democratized Cloud Computing Solution 

Reindeer envisions to build an extensive and decentralized database that will allow individuals to create and share their cloud designs and earn substantial profits in return. By integrating blockchain technology, the platform envisions to make cloud designs freely available to its users, thereby offering a bank of opportunities for them to utilize large-scale resources and grow in this marketplace.

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