In this Ripple price prediction, XRP bullish momentum is becoming weak and may see the price may descending towards $0.39 level. On the other hand, an increased bullish momentum may push the price to the $0.46 level.

Ripple Price Medium-term Prediction


Ripple (XRP) price is bullish on the medium-term outlook. The Demand level of $0.39 eventually holds as was predicted.  The price of Ripple reversed after the formation of the Tweezer bottom candle pattern. The bulls pulled the price upward towards the supply level of $0.42. The Bulls has also pushed the price to touch the drawn bearish trend line and the resistance at the place prevents further price increase. In the meantime, XRP price is at $0.42 level consolidating.

Ripple price has crossed the 21 periods and 50 periods Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) upside; Ripple price is now above the two EMAs consolidating. Nevertheless, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) period 12 with its histogram is above zero level and its signal lines pointing up, which indicates a buy signal. XRP Bulls will have to exert intense pressure in order to push up the coin to reach $0.46 supply level. On the downside, if the Bears exert more pressure and defend $0.42 level, the price of Ripple may fall towards the demand level of $0.39.

XRPUSD Price Short-term Prediction


As the chart shows, XRPUSD price is bullish on the short-term outlook, XRPUSD price was bearish three days ago and it found support at $0.39 level on yesterday. However, a  bullish engulfing candle was formed and the price rose towards the supply level of $0.42 where XRPUSD price is currently consolidating.

The pair has already crossed the two EMAs upside and continue trading above 21 periods EMA and 50 period EMAs; which signals a bullish movement. Nevertheless, the MACD period 12 with its histogram is crossing zero level downside and the signal lines bending down, which indicates a sell signal.

  • Supply levels: $0.42, $0.46, $0.49
  • Demand levels: $0.39, $0.35, $0.29


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