Roger Ver Reveals His Plan For an ICO For Bitcoin.Com

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Roger Ver, the current CEO of announced in a recent video, that he is considering an ICO for the website. While Bitcoin Cash prepares itself for the arrival of the Wormhole Cash protocol, a new protocol which enables the creation of novel tokens on the BCH platform quite similar to  TRON and Ethereum, Ver considers issuing an initial coin offering to supplement the function of

In the video first published on August 11,’s lead developer Corbin Fraser and  Ver discuss the possibility of future developments related to BCH and the flagship website. While addressing the benefits of the Wormhole Cash protocol, Fraser let loose a tongue-in-cheek response to the new development.

“For better or worse, ICOs and CryptoKitties are probably coming to Bitcoin Cash in the near future.”

Here, the reference of the popular game Crypto Kitties (accounts for substantial volume on Ethereum’s network) is employed to illustrate an implementation of Dapps that Bitcoin Cash could follow with the onset of Wormhole. Ver revealed his thoughts about issuing an initial coin offering for the platform in response to the comment of gaming and ICOs being integrated onto the BCH network. Notably, the website has been accounted for back and forth controversy in the debate over Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

They’re probably coming to, too. We’ve been thinking about having our own ICO for maybe the games part of the platform; maybe we’ll issue a token and pay dividends or use part of the money… to buy back the tokens on the open market.”

Undoubtedly, the ICO mode will change the landscape of Currently known as an outlet for information for those new to cryptocurrency, the gaming would bring in an entirely new atmosphere for the site. Considering the website is named a dividend paying ICO makes for an interesting proposition.

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