World renowned blockchain experts will come to Moscow for the Blockchain Conference

Blockchain here, Blockchain there,Blockchain everywhere. Blockchain is now getting it’s importance that it deserves. Various organizations and international bodies are looking up for blockchain. We discussed in our previous article that Russian Banks are observing and testing blockchain prototypes to improve it’s banking and financial sector. On April 19,2017 the most well known specialists in the field of Blockchain technologies will come to Moscow,Russia together with Russian Banks, Entrepreneurs to discuss Russian and foreign blockchain projects in financial as well as non-financial sectors to discuss at the blockchain conference.

The blockchain conference is being organized by Smile-Expo.

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About The Blockchain Conference

The blockchain conference will feature presentations from the representatives of Microsoft,IBM,SberBank,NRU,HSE and State Duma.

Conference will be split into two streams- one for financial purpose and another for non-financial purpose. Both the streams will witness the importance of blockchain and it’s opportunities in the respective sectors.

Topics To Be Discussed At The Blockchain Conference

Finance stream will include: Blockchain application in banking sectors and state administration, as well as legislative issues. Speakers will present the first real steps to move banking transactions to blockchain and discuss the bitcoin market.

The Non-Financial stream will be dedicated to the use of Blockchain in non-finance sectors: e-commerce, retail, logistics, media. Discussion topics will be interesting for both entrepreneurs and developers. Practical issues will be discussed here: in what projects blockchain will be useful, what tasks it will solve and how to promote a new product in the market.

Alongside the conference there will be an exhibition, where developers will showcase hardware and software for mining, crypto wallets, payment systems and other products for B2B and B2C segments.

Speakers At The Blockchain Conference

ALEJANDRO DE LA TORREE: Business Development Manager at

OLIVER N ORAM :Founder at Chainvine

VLADMIR FEDOROV : Deputy Head of Business Group of Small & Medium Business at Sovocambank

MARINA GURYEVA: Head of Department of Innovative Activity at NRU HSE


ARIEL GABIZON : Research Engineer at ZCash

EKATRINA FROLOVICHEVA: Managing Director of the Technical Innovation Centre at the SberBank

DINA MERKULOVA: Trade Finance Director at Alfa Bank

ELVIRA SHAKIROVA: Expert at ICC Russia, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the DOE of                                          the State University of DUBNA

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