Along with Japan, Russia is another country who is quite optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies and is seen to be actively involved with the progress of the cryptocurrency markets. Last month, we saw Russian government taking some concrete steps in boosting the cryptocurrency mining in Russia.

Now, with the growing interest in cryptocurrency among Russian students, the Ministry of finance has proposed for a Cryptocurrency Education Program in collaboration with the World Bank. As per the reports, the Russian Finance Ministry wants to upgrade the financial literacy of its population by incorporating cryptocurrency strategy in the country’s education programs.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has approved this strategy last week which will be implemented in two stages: one in 2017-2019 and the other in 2020-2023. In a broadcast on the TV channel “Russia 24”, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, said:

“In the strategy to increase the financial literacy of Russians, it is necessary to include the topic of cryptocurrency. The question of investing in instruments such as cryptocurrencies will, of course, be discussed, and we now see more risks than recommendations on investing in such instruments. So, explaining the possible consequences of investing in unregulated instruments will be one of the issues with which we will speak for the current year and until 2023.”

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 The National Agency for Financial Studies has said that interest for cryptocurrencies within the country’s population is growing considerably and has been more within the younger and student population specifically.

Young Russian students have been seen participating in several cryptocurrency events and competitions taking place in the country. Tass has reported that in a recently held all-Russian competition called as “Digital Economy: Generation Z” school children in the age-group of 11 to 17 years old and with “experience in creating digital projects based on neural networks and blockchains and who own an investment portfolio of several cryptocurrencies” were invited to participate. The publication writes It seems to sound unrealistic – school children with cryptocurrencies, but in three days 50 applications from all over Russia were received. 7 participants were selected for the competition.”

 Moreover, in addition to this, the study for cryptocurrency has been introduced in the traditional banking and finance courses of Russia’s top five university institutions with St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics being among them.

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