3 New Blockchain-powered products launched by Samsung

Leader in the Mobile devices market , Samsung a computer tech giant has recently launched three new platforms which are based on blockchain technology.
Nexledger, a Blockchain based platform launched by Samung, aims to provide an integrated solution to “corporations looking for a cost-efficient method of managing digital financial transactions and data exchange.

The other products consists of, one being a blockchain based payment platform and other being a digital tool for identification.

All these products are developed by the IoT (Internet of Things) division of Samsung by the name Samsung SDS.

Apart from developing blockchain based products, Samsung has also invested in Blockchain Startup “BLOCKO”.

Well, not only Samsung, but major tech giant IBM is also looking into Blockchain technology in recent times. IBM listed out how Blockchain can be beneficial. Click here to read full article

Blockchain, is the underlying technology behind Bitcoins. Bitcoin was the first product lunched on blockchain based technology in 2009 by Satoshi Nakomoto. Click here to read more about Bitcoins


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