Samsung Reveals Cryptocurrency Wallet And Dapps Included In Galaxy S10 Phone

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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As Samsung Electronics released the cryptocurrency wallet for their latest flagship offering, the Galaxy S10, the cryptocurrency enthusiasts across the globe, who were waiting for this day with bated breath, exhales a sigh mixed with amazement and excitement.

As per the report from CoinDesk Korea published on Sunday, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet is compatible with ether (ETH) and ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. While the initial logo appearing on earlier pre-release presentation images did show Bitcoin, the foremost currency is not supported as of now.

The wallet app is available for download on the Galaxy S10 phones from the Samsung Galaxy Store. The firm confirms its plans to expand the service to more devices, as well as more cryptocurrencies in the future.


Currently, the wallet also supports four decentralized apps i.e. dapps, crypto gaming platform Enjin, beauty community Cosmee, crypto collectables platform CryptoKitties and merchant payments service CoinDuck. The phone officially started shipping from pre-order sales on March 8.

It was only weeks ago that Samsung affirmed that they would offer private cryptocurrency key storage on the S10 range. Soon after the said announcement, the tech giant started to give glimpses of the storage solution, the “Blockchain Keystore.” Notably, the solution seems to have three broad features: payments to merchants, digital signatures and cryptocurrency storage and transfers.

The Samsung Blockchain Wallet will be used in conjunction with Blockchain Keystore. The wallet is designed so as to simplify the transactions process for the layman, as noted by CoinDesk Korea.

Another report on Monday noted that the CoinDuck dapp, supported by the S10 could also be used for making payment to merchants by the user. Users could simply enter the amount to be paid or scan the QR code providing the online or offline wallet address of the merchant. Press the “accept” button, and the payment will be made through the Samsung Wallet. CoinDuck currently supports only ether (ETH).

CoinDuck’s parent company, Chain Partners, said:

“It was inconvenient to copy the address of the merchant’s wallet and paste it into the personal wallet. We have dramatically improved the usability of CoinDuck and Samsung Blockchain Wallet.”

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Source: Coindesk

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