You can Now Pay Your Tuition Fees in Schools of Switzerland Using Bitcoin

As the Blockchain technology is getting more mainstream and accepted by a larger part of the global investor community, it has started to find some serious use-case applications as a potential payments option. Due to the decentralized nature and low cost of transactions, many companies from around the world have started accepting payments in form of Bitcoin.

Now, several university institutions are also considering to accept Bitcoins as tuition payments. Switzerland’s Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts has announced that it is now accepting bitcoin as payments in partnership with Bitcoin Suisse AG.

As per the announcement, the university won’t be handling all the Bitcoin related payments. Rather, the brokerage firm will be working on exchanging incoming Bitcoins payments into Swiss francs on weekly basis. The university says: “Bitcoin Suisse AG will bear the risk of any exchange rate losses and currency fluctuations.”

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The announcement notes that this is just the beginning and as more students get aware of the Blockchain technology and especially the ones involved with finance stream can be some of the early adopters of paying through Bitcoin. The university added :

“Those most likely to avail themselves of this opportunity will either be already familiar with the concept of financial services and blockchain or interested in pursuing continuing and executive education opportunities in this subject area.”

However, this is not the first university to accept in Bitcoins. Other universities like The University of Cumbria in the U.K., King’s College New York, and the University of Nicosia in Cyprus have already started to accept payments in Bitcoin.

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