South Korea Launches A $90 Million “Blockchain Technology Development Strategy” Course

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency News

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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry is rising and concurrently attracting attention by each passing minute. The 21st century’s most influential invention still has a long way to go in terms of its potential, as the Pandora’s box is just opening up. To enable a future that is well versed with the technology, South Korea launches a special Blockchain course.

According to a report from South-Korean outlet Kinews, relayed by The Next Web’s cryptocurrency column, the South Korean Ministry of Science And Technology plans a special course to envisage its “first batch of blockchain specialists.”

The ministry’s information and communication departments South Korea divulged on Monday, about the first ever lecture on distributed ledger technologies (DLT) that it hosted. This is reportedly the local government’s first move to launch a “blockchain technology development strategy” course, backed by a supposed 100 billion Korean Won ($90 million USD) investment from forward-thinking regulators.

The course has currently undertaken 42 students, the best candidates from an assortment of applications that was screened through interviews, as reported by the local media. Following the first lecture, the 42 scholars will need to work through six months of eight hour days that consist of tutelage, learning the ropes of the tech and more activities.

Currently based in the Walton Blockchain Research Center in Seoul, the students are excited to be amongst the first individuals, who will lead the development of the domestic blockchain industry. The course aims to put the scholars straight to work, as soon as the training program is completed; putting their skills to the test in real-life scenarios and bona fide cryptocurrency/blockchain firms. Wang Sang Hyeong, the secretary general of the Walton Group, stated (roughly translated):

“We will provide a one-stop shop for employment and business startups, as well as education for the professional training of employees, and we will strengthen the building of a healthy block-chain ecosystem.”

The government support and back -up to the course doesn’t come as a surprise to many as South Korea is undoubtedly one of the DLT hubs of the entire world.

Blockchain and Crypto related courses

According to a report released by Coinbase highlighting the current state of crypto in “higher education,” the firm discovered that over 42% of the world’s 50 foremost universities offer some sort of academically endorsed blockchain-related course. Moreover, 70% of universities offer one cryptography related class, which may relate to DLT in some way, shape or form.

Although many still do not envision the industry to be of importance in the future, these courses ensure that the technology gets a fair chance at growing and being accepted into a variety of industries in the future.

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