Hard Fork on Steemit?

Answer: Hard Fork on Steemit will bring an improved and enhanced voting system

Steem Power, a component of a member’s reputation, but also its implementation voting and rewarding capacity, increase four-fold. This has the effect of giving more power to all members but more specifically to members. This element encourages new entrants or members with difficulties to accumulate STEEM POWER. However, this good news will produce a counter-event, since it could influence the course of the tokens. It will be possible to find ourselves, at some point, at the same point at the point we were before the Hard Fork. Temporarily, this can have beneficial virtues.

 Another of the characteristics of this change is to alter the linear voting algorithm in Square Root Function. Quite obscure for newcomers, it is a new optimization based on the influence on average of the votes and not in a linear way as indicated by the name.

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Preservation of history

It will no longer be possible to see his old articles disappear or even his comments beyond 7 days. Clearly, all your traces and interactions on Steemit will be kept through the blockchain and can not be removed manually.

Fixed bugs of any kind

A Hard Fork also allows the code to be rewritten and to fill in gaps and possible bugs. For short: here is a non exhaustive list of corrections made by the team of developers:

->Witness Price Feeds Properly Expires

->Canceling a Steem Power Delegation Fixed

->Fixed  Delegation Objects

->Increased p2p Stability

Here in all is for all the different changes coming from this slight optimization.

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