Eat Fresh, Eat Subway, and pay in Bitcoins!

A Subway franchisee , in Buenos Aires recently accepted Bitcoin as a method of payment. Buenos Aires is thus the first city in Latin America to do so. Only Moscow and Allentown, Pennysylvania have a Subway franchise that accepts Bitcoin.

Fernando, the subway franchisee, was sensitized to Bitcoin during the first Bitcoin conference in Buenos Aires, at the end of 2013. His restaurant being located opposite the conference venue, many people spoke to him about Bitcoin.

After meeting with Augustin Aguilar of BitPagos, from whom he had first-hand information, Fernando made the decision to accept the Bitcoins cash in his restaurant.

Fernando declares that the choice to admit the regulations in Bitcoins was not dictated to him by the chain Subway, but that his choice as owner of his restaurant. He believes that Bitcoin is a fascinating novelty that, even if risks are likely, could lead him to other activities.

He also said that for him the interest of Bitcoin lies more in the fact that it is an extraordinary business opportunity and a method of payment, only a means of speculating.

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