Surbtc, a cryptocurrency exchange based out of Latin America has launched a Bitcoin and  Ethereum trading platform in line with its contemporary Bitinka for catering to the Peruvian cryptocurrency market. Surbtc has spread its wings over the virtual currency markets of Columbia, Chile and Peru with its latest development.

Announcement of the same was made through an official blog post. For attracting new customers, Zero Trading Fees will be levied by the said exchange till 30th September. Guilermo Torrealba, the CEO of Surbtc stated that the company expects to rope in 10000 Peruvian customers within its first year of operation. The same shall add up to 50% hike in Surbtc’s present client base. In spite of holding massive potential, the cryptocurrency market will take time to reach its full form. Technology advocates need to pour in sufficient time and effort to fasten up the mass adoption process of cryptocurrencies.

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In spite of being at the receiving end of significant growth figures since 2017 and local trading crossing record highs the future of cryptocurrency still lies under mist owing to a large segment of Peruvian population belonging to the unbanked sector. As per statistics, 80% of Peru citizens don’t have any proper bank account to proceed with crypto dealings.

According to Criptonoticias, the cryptocurrency exchange trading platform launch by Surbtc in Peru has been influenced by the easy adaptability of Peruvian regulatory system. Guilermo Torrealba feels that the Peruvian legislation closely follows those of Colombia and Chile apart from minor considerations which are an integral part of every country’s idiosyncrasy. Surbtc does not have any plan of expanding into the Argentinian and Brazilian cryptocurrency markets anytime soon. Guilermo feels that they are already saturated with work in three existing markets and wish to operate in the same currently. publishes latest news and upates about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology and Upcoming ICO’s. Subscribe to our newsletters to stay updated.

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