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Japan Issues License to Eleven Bitcoin Exchanges

Japan’s Financial Services Agency Issues License to 11 Bitcoin Exchanges  In a major push to make the adoption and trading of cryptocurrencies mainstream, Japan’s Financial Services Agency has approved licenses of 11 companies to legally operate as cryptocurrency exchanges. Earlier this year in April, the Japanese government had legalised Bitcoins and

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Luno Raises $9 Million In Series B Funding To Bring Bitcoin Wallet to Other Markets

With a plan to expand its wings in other markets, London-based Bitcoin startup - Luno - has successfully raised $9 million in Series B Funding. One of the leading venture capital firms in Europe, Balderton Capital had led this funding. The funding round this time saw participation from a new South

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Bitcoin Prices Bounces Back, Huobi and OkCoin To Continue For One More Month.

The Falling Bitcoin Prices Finally Gets a Breather; Huobi and OkCoin Gets One More Month  Amidst all the major crackdown on the local Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms in the country, it seems that bitcoin investors today are getting to breathe some fresh air and a momentary relief. Chinese officials

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Chinese Bitcoin Exchange ViaBTC Confirms to Shut Down Operations

Another Chinese Bitcoin Trading Platform ViaBTC Confirms to Shut Down Operations  All is just not well within the cryptocurrency markets as the prices of Bitcoin and other Altcoins continue to plunge further. Following the major crackdown on the country’s local Bitcoin exchanges in China, the global market sentiment has absolutely turned

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Why Bitcoin prices dropped on 15 September 2017? China Bans Bitcoin Trading.

Bitcoin Ban in China is Now Certain; Bitcoin Exchanges To Shutdown Operations China puts the final nail in the coffin with some Chinese regulators reportedly stating that the Bitcoin ban is now “certain” in the country. In a major crackdown on all the existing exchanges, the National Internet Finance Association (NIFA)

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Bitcoin Exchanges in China Warned Strictly In Terms Of Regulation And License

National Internet Finance Association of China Issues Strict Warnings to local Cryptocurrency Exchange Bodies  The Bitcoin market has been witnessing a lot of volatility owing to speculations of China planning to shut down local Bitcoin exchanges in the country. As per the latest reports coming from China, the top authorities of

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Response Of Egypt’s Central Bank To Country’s First Bitcoin Exchange

Government and Regulatory Bodies Shy Away From Bitcoin Egypt’s August End Launch Just a few days after the news of Bitcoin Egypt launch set positive ripples in cryptospace , the Central Bank of Europe took to the local newspapers to announce it complete lack of support for the same. With Bitcoin

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Japanese Largest C2C Ticket Marketplace Accpets Bitcoin

Japanese Ticket Camp To Roll Forward Bitcoin Powered Ticket Industry Ticket Camp, a premier customer-to-customer (C2C) ticket exchange marketplace in Japan have made the public announcement of being the front runner in the sphere of accepting Bitcoin as a payment means for issuing tickets in Japanese ticket industry. The two year

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Japanese Bitcoin Exchange, Bitflyer To Start Operations In US

Japan’s BitFlyer to Travel Overseas With Global Business Aim BitFlyer, a Bitcoin exchange from Japan have announced the spread of their operations into the US soil within 2017 fall. They have selected San Francisco to house their next company office. BitFlyer, the third largest cryptocurrency trading platform has already garnered regulatory

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