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Russia to License Cryptocurrency Miners and Tax Mining Income

Russian Law Makers Seek Out New Path To License Cryptocurrency Miners The financial regulators of Russia have understood very well that imparting proper license to cryptocurrency miners is the best alternative for gaining from the dynamic digital tokens. This realisation came in the aftermath of a meeting conducted along with Russian

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Renewable Energy Provider In Japan Launches Plans For Cryptocurrency Miners

Cheap Electricity Impetus To Japanese Bitcoin Movement Looop, a renewable energy provider from Japan has recently made the announcement of coming forward with an electricity plan which will bring forward considerable savings of cryptocurrency miners. A flat monthly fee will be charged under the plan for usage of electric power up

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Hackers Targeting Amazon’s Cloud Servers to Mine Bitcoin

AWS Cloud servers targeted by hackers for Bitcoin Mining The hacker community has been quite a lot active especially after the unprecedented growth in the Blockchain technology in past one year. Hackers have been targeting international servers in order to steal crucial customer information or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Recently, hackers from

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Tokyo Listed Web Hosting Company Enters Into Bitcoin Mining ,Budgets $300 Million.

Tokyo Based Firm Enters The Bitcoin Chip Designing Plethora To Unleash Its Full Potential Such is the maddening velocity of the cryptocurrency craze that even a Tokyo based company known as GMO Internet Group dealing primarily in hosting web services and registering domain names hopes to shift gear onto Bitcoin mining.

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Russia To Give An Electric Boost To Bitcoin Mining

Russian Cryptocurrency miners are taking leases of big companies operating power plants for diverting the excess energy production to mining of cryptocurrencies. This move is believed to bring widespread relief to the cryptocurrency miners who often become handicapped under the pressure of towering electricity bills which swipe away significant profit

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Russia All Set To Challenge China In Bitcoin Mining Sector

Russia to Enter in Bitcoin Mining A Russian company having one of President Vladimir Putin’s internet adviser as its co-owner is planning to raise approximately $100 million worth cryptocurrency to establish a solid footing of the Russians in the digital currency frontier filled with Chinese Bitcoin miners. The Russian Miner Coin is

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What is Cryptocurrency mining?

In traditional fiat currency systems, government simply prints more money when they need to.  But in case of Cryptocurrencies, money isn’t printed at all – it is discovered, it is “Mined”, just like Gold. Computers around the world "Mine" for cryptocurrencies by competing with each other. In this article we explain

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