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Bitcoin Price Crosses $6000 For The First Time, New All Time High at $6180

Amidst much speculation, Bitcoin price, the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency has finally surged over the $6000 mark. Bitcoin price recently made it's new all-time high at $5862 . The latest turn in Bitcoin saga have touching its market cap to $100 billion line. Such valuation has imparted to Bitcoin, a

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Chinese Bitcoin Exchange ViaBTC Confirms to Shut Down Operations

Another Chinese Bitcoin Trading Platform ViaBTC Confirms to Shut Down Operations  All is just not well within the cryptocurrency markets as the prices of Bitcoin and other Altcoins continue to plunge further. Following the major crackdown on the country’s local Bitcoin exchanges in China, the global market sentiment has absolutely turned

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Global Financial Institutions Aren’t Shying Away from Bitcoin

Global Financial Institutions may enter into Cryptocurrency Trading With the market cap of cryptocurrency crossing the $100 billion benchmark, finance’s old guards cannot turn cold shoulder to digital currency options like Bitcoin anymore. Last week CBOE Holdings announced its plans of debuting with Bitcoin Futures. Goldman Sachs has also recently outlined the

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