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BLOCKBALI: Blockchain Conference By BlackArrow Conferences

BLOCKBALI – BBS Blackarrow’s Blockchain Conference After great success in Jakarta & Mumbai, Blackarrow Conferences now invites you to participate at our BLOCKBALI – BBS Blackarrow’s Blockchain Series conference scheduled for 27th of October 2017 at Bali, Indonesia.  This Blackarrow's exclusive limited seats conference aims to connect global Blockchain gurus and technology players with

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Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currency Conference 2017

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurency Conference in Mumbai, India After successfully concluding Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currency Conference in the month of May in Jakarta, Black Arrow Conferences is organizing another knowledge-sharing event on Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currency conference. Black Arrow Conference is organizing the event on 10 August , 2017 in

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India Blockchain Conference

Blockchain India Week

India’s first International Ethereum Blockchain Conference India is set to host it’s first international  Ethereum Blockchain conference. It is the first and only Blockchain Conference in India featuring Vitalik Buterin (inventor of Ethereum) and international blockchain tech experts for futurist CEOs in Banking & Financial Services, Information Technology & other industries The conference week has already started on 12 May

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Russia organizes Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference .

World renowned blockchain experts will come to Moscow. Blockchain here, Blockchain there,Blockchain everywhere. Blockchain is now getting it’s importance that it deserves. Various organizations and international bodies are looking up for blockchain. We discussed in our previous article that Russian Banks are observing and testing blockchain prototypes to improve it’s banking and financial

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BLOKTEX Conference in Kuala Lampur,Malaysia

BLOKTEX Conference in Kuala Lampur,Malaysia As discussed on regular basis, BLOKCHCHAIN is the future.It is undeniably  the most sought after tech-term in the recent period. And why not? It has so many advantages which can drastically change the working style of different  sectors. From finance/banking to smart cards, from real estate

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