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ConsenSys Academy’s Ethereum Blockchain Developers Graduated In Dubai Amidst Much Celebration

ConsenSys, the global Blockchain specialist recently announced the graduation and certification ceremony of the inaugural Developer Program batch under the emblem of ConsenSys Academy. The ceremony was attended by approximately 150 guests and students including 58 graduating Blockchain developers of which two were from the home country UAE. Global technology company

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Ethereum Price Rises After The Metropolis Hard Fork

After Bitcoin, Its Time For The Ethereum Craze To Blind Crypto Enthusiasts The world’s second largest cryptocurrency according to market capitalisation recently underwent a hard fork . Since the launch date of Ethereum, this is the fifth Fork which has caused an upsurge in the crypto currency’s value by 6%. Termed

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Atomic Swap between Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains is Now Open Source

Developers from the cryptocurrency startup - Altcoin Exchange - are now open-sourcing technology which allows for automatic trading between the Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains. Altcoin Exchange claims this to be the first “atomic-swap” in terms of market value between the two largest cryptocurrencies. The code is now available on GitHub and

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EtherParty, Another ICO Got Hacked Three Months After The CoinDash Hack

ICO Party Becomes A Hacker’s Den Three Months After CoinDash Hack Just as the Cryptocurrency revolution is bringing forth a horde of blessings to our everyday life, silent malice’s are also creeping into the system simultaneously. Just within three months of the infamous CoinDash ICO hack comes another blow to the

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Top Ten Cryptocurrency List As On 8 October 2017

The cryptocurrency market has held the $150 billion mark really well since last Sunday fluctuating between $140 billion and $151 billion, with Bitcoin (4% up), Ripple (30% up) and Neo (10% up) being the biggest gainers in the  top ten cryptocurrency list. Bitcoin broke the $4500 mark for the first

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Ethereum’s Metropolis Hard Fork To arrive on the Ropsten Testnet

As Ethereum is gaining more and more traction in the market, developers are effectively working towards making the entire Ecosystem more advanced and secured. The entire community is currently looking forward to the upcoming Metropolis hard fork some real positive changes like improved scalability with parallel transaction processing, and delaying

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Ethereum Suffers Amidst Sudden Anti-Cryptocurrency Movement Globally

With investors losing their night’s sleep over the Bitcoin volatility, people have totally forgotten about its contender Ethereum. But in this unpredictable summer for cryptocurrencies, Ethereum has also suffered from a large series of setbacks. Since the month beginning, the price of Ethereum has dropped by forty percent which is

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Latest ICO : Social, A New Cryptocurrency Making Way

Latest Initial Coin Offer : Social Social (SCL), the latest ICO ongoing is the native cryptocurrency coin/token for Nexus. Social coins will be used throughout the Nexus platform – to buy or sell goods/services, within integrated Nexus ad platform. Clicks and impressions will be exchanged for socials. What is Nexus? Nexus is a

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