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IBM Empowers Global Financial Payment Module With Blockchain Technology

Global giant IBM is taking up the path of benevolence by implementing the technology behind Bitcoin, i.e, Blockchain for bridging gaps in between small business houses located in underdeveloped countries so that they can participate in global trade with renewed enthusiasm. The project was announced recently this week and will be operated

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IBM ahead of Microsoft in Blockchain Technology Race

Blockchain technology is garnering immense attention these days – from financial industries to copy machines and other sectors with a potential to adopt the technology. While industries are still working to adopt the distributed ledger technology, many IT and tech giants have already deployed blockchain to their IT infrastructure.  A

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Alibaba, EY, IBM and Microsoft Implements Blockchain Technology

IBM, Microsoft, Alibaba and EY Deploy Blockchain to Bring Transparency in Supply Chain Prominent global companies are in awe of Blockchain technology which has the potential to solve visibility issues persistent in supply chain for decades. Companies are considering Blockchain implementation to bring greater transparency in supply chain. The much hyped Blockchain

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Food and Blockchain Technology | IBM collaborates With Walmart, Nestle.

Kroger, Walmart and Nestle collaborate with IBM over Blockchain to root out Meals Poisoning Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology, provides a decentralized platform to record data and information over a network of computers. Therefore, holds potential to transform business operating models in the long run. Sensing the potential of this technology,

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PSA, PIL And IBM Collaborates To Explore Blockchain in Supply Chain Network

Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Network We, at, do regular R&D around Blockchain Technology. And during this course, we came across this interesting Blockchain news around potential applications of the tehcnology in Supply Chain Network. Pacific International Lines (PIL), IBM and PSA International have collaborated on Blockchain, and signed a Memorandum

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Sony And IBM Develops Blockchain Platform for Student Database Management

Sony and IBM collaborate to fortify Student Data Management using Blockchain Techology Educational platforms may soon be using Blockchain Technology to secure and share student records. Japanese electronics firm Sony and technology giant IBM have join hands to create a new educational platform backed by blockchain technology for maintaining student database. The

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IBM and US Food and Drug Administration to develop Blockchain application

Another Blockchain Application in Healthcare  In the past few years, the healthcare community has encountered problems in securing patient data. Thus, several hospitals have been the target of ransomwares. Blockchain technology could be a major game changes in this scenario  In April 2017, the two US and Canadian computer security agencies (the

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IBM launches Blockchain Accelerator Programme

IBM launches Blockchain Accelerator Programme, aims to kickstart Blockchain Adoption for Enterprises Tech giant IBM recently announced that it has launched the the IBM Blockchain Founder Accelerator to help companies and enterprises to develop blockchain solutions for them The Accelerator will help in building the Blockchain platform for the company which

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Blockchain and stock exchange

Stock Exchange plans to integrate Blockchain Technology

Chile’s largest Stock Exchnage plans to integrate IBM Blockchain Technology Santiago Stock Exchange, Chile’s largest Stock Exchange is in planning to implement Blockchain technology solution by partnering up with global technology giant IBM. The Blockchain based securities lending solution will enable Chile’s securities lenders, banks, stock exchanges, institutional clients and regulators, to

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Samsung launches blockchain based products

Samsung Launches Blokchain Based products

3 New Blockchain-powered products launched by Samsung Leader in the Mobile devices market , Samsung a computer tech giant has recently launched three new platforms which are based on blockchain technology. Nexledger, a Blockchain based platform launched by Samung, aims to provide an integrated solution to “corporations looking for a cost-efficient method of

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