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After IMF Calls For Reforms, South Korea To Level Up Supervision Of Trading Of Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin

In the aftermath of a meeting with International Monetary Fund (IMF), officials from South Korea are trying to bring along structural reforms in the field of strengthening the supervision and management of Bitcoin empowered digital currency transactions. According to a report published by Sedaily, IMF has called for increased regulatory

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South Korea To Tax Bitcoin And May Uplift The Ban On ICO

South Korean regulators are planning to bring Bitcoin under the taxation radar following the skyrocketing trading volume of the cryptocurrency in the aftermath of Kosdaq. Lawmakers were informed by National Tax Service commissioner Han Seung-hee this weekend that the country’s legislative body is undertaking intricate discussions regarding taxation of cryptocurrencies

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Police Confirms North Korea Did Attacked South Korean Bitcoin Exchanges

Police Reports Confirms That Bitcoin Exchanges in South Korea were attacked by North Korea North Korea, who finds itself always at the center of controversies, has been recently accused of cybercrime for invading the South Korean Bitcoin exchanges and siphoning millions of won back to the country. reported earlier in the month of

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After China, It’s South Korea To Ban Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

South Korea having a crackdown on ICO's It seems that ICO's are currently having a hard time out there. With the tremendous increase in popularity of cryptocurrencies, many fintech startups have been using Initial Coin Offerings as a way of raising funds from the open market. Moreover, due to its decentralized

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North Korea Targets South Korea Bitcoin Exchanges

North Korean Hackers Set Global Targets After U.N. Policy Stringency Cyberattacks infiltrating the security parameters of global financial institutions have always zeroed on North Korea as the penultimate mastermind behind all such malicious activities. Their latest exploit have garnered much concern worldwide as the hackers from North Korea targeted South Korean

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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin may get legal status in South Korea

South Korean lawmakers are toiling hard to enforce a set of bills which shall provide legalised plying fields to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and safeguard the investors from potential threat involved. Democratic party representative, Park Yong-jin stated on Monday that July shall witness the introduction of three revisions which is aimed

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South Korea uses Blockchain technology for voting

South Korea uses Blockchain Technology for Elections

Blockchain technolgy used to count votes Gyeonggi-do, the most populated province in South Korea adopted Blockchain Technology to count votes, casted by it’s residents on a community project. Around 9000 residents casted their votes on Blockchain based voting platform. The Blockchain based voting platform was developed by the Korean Fintech startup named “Blocko”. This

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South korea blockchain insurance

South Korea to adopt Blockchain in it’s Insurance Sector

South Korean Government asks Insurance Company to test Blockchain Technology An Insurance provider in South Korea, by the name of Kyobo Life  was selected by the South Korean Government to test and operate it’s Blockchain pilot project. Kyobo Life, the government owned insurance company will be collaborating with Blockchain Technology startup

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